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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soldiers donating to Tea Party - face UCMJ...

Soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Soldiers will face criminal charges if found to be affiliated with Tea Party and Christians.  That may be a bit of an over-simplification, but it isn't wrong.

Anyone still doubting that the military is being purged is in denial - at best.

What make domestic armies strong, while weakening the .mil?

We have seen this before.

Domestic Enemies know history as well.

It is repeating itself.

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  1. I sat at a mandatory once a year counter-terrorism briefing in the New York Army National Guard in which the tea party was mentioned 8 times and Islam 0. The same drill weekend we ran a practice op where the neighboring town asserted their sovereignty basically and we had to go in and shut em down. We drove through the city with machine guns up. When i asked a superior about the mission and how the constitution is being violated, I was laughed at and told "enemies foreign AND domestic".

    That was 2009. Ive since gotten out of the military and urge anyone else to do the same.

    JD in NY

  2. These " rank " officers are a little slow on the uptake ..... there is NO such thing as a " career " in the American military anymore . Guys..... one of the things that placed a rope around many German officers necks at Nuremberg was their oath of personal loyalty to Adolph Hitler . They're pulling the trigger on this thing too soon , the American people are not ready for it and will shove it right back up their ass with a candle on it . Cesar Obama's loyal legions are going to find themselves awfully lonely on this battlefield .


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