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Friday, October 25, 2013

Argue with arithmetic? Silly wabbit...

Denninger shows his work and articulates why voting alone will never return America to a path of Liberty.

Just as allowing millions of new voters into the country from south of the border pads the numbers for the Ds, expanding welfare pads the numbers, so too does expanding the number of .gov employees expand the D voter rolls.  None of these groups will bite the hand that feeds them - literally.  It is "stacking the court" as was threatened in our past when SCOTUS dared challenge a law the Executive wanted.

This is why the Establishment Rs play along, they want to be eaten last.

The most effective way to rid a swamp of alligators is to drain the swamp.

The most effective way to stop the erosion of Liberty in America is to be rid of the alligators that infest the country.  They must be removed from the controls of society.  They must be removed from the classrooms in which they indoctrinate the youth.  The banksters who have no love of country or desire to protect your Liberty must be gelded.  They must sit down and play by the rules of the DoI and BoR, or they must leave.  They may leave of their own free will, or - not of their own will.

But the First Amendment does not apply to people who use it to destroy the 2nd, or 4th, or any other principle of Liberty.  That is not a "Legitimate difference of political opinion" - it is murder of the republic which was designed to help you keep Liberty.  They are cancer.  You may choose to die of cancer.  I choose nay.  And you do not have the moral right to insist that I die of cancer with you.

If you are not willing to get your hands wet and dirty, you do not deserve the Liberty we discuss in this community.

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