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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Only Story Patriots MUST Read Today

**UPDATE**  Notice the date on the SNAP letter, here.

Any questions?


WRSA has the story that is NOT a Sparklie.

In Washington the debt battle has moved beyond simple brinksmanship, and beyond routine Right/Left bickering.  Anyone who still believes the EBT chaos last weekend was a "Glitch" is beyond my ability to help.  It was a shot across the bow.  It was a muscle-flex.  It was real power on display.  Many of us intuitively knew Saturday's "glitch" was a deliberate Enemy Action, but now we have real evidence we were right. 

FedGov is telling States to suspend the SNAP (EBT/Food) program November 1, until further notice.  To play such a card in Washington is a big deal, it is evidence that the discussions behind closed doors are hot and ugly and real.  Who folds doesn't matter.  The fact that the stakes are so high is what matters.  The fact that .Gov would pull that trigger when it doesn't have to is evidence that one side means to crush the other.  ANY shuttering of EBT is a SELECTIVE DEFAULT - there is money to keep these programs going.  This will only happen if Bad People WANT it to happen.

You and I know what will happen if the EBT system goes down for real.  An army of FSA will be told it is because those nasty, hateful, extremist Republicans and Tea Party and Patriot groups want them to starve to death.  That army doesn't need a rank and command structure.  It is a horde, a mob.  They will simply expand outward from wherever they reside into the stores and residential areas, picking the country clean, burning parts of it to the ground, and venting some of their frustrations on the Enemy they have been told to hate.

Reach for Go Bags?  No, not yet.  Keep them close and be ready to move if needed.  But, that the letter surfaced after such an obvious warning over the weekend says the threat is merely on the table at the moment.  It is designed to win the political debate in DC.  Yes, it is an elbow to the face tactic, lacking any finesse, but when real Power is the prize, people play rough.  It also serves to remind all players, you and me included, just how easy it would be for the Enemies of Liberty to burn this country to the ground.  You don't live near high concentrations of low-income Black folks?  You are thinking in a single dimension.  More White families accept .Gov largesse than do Black families.  Now consider how many people in your county work for some .Gov entity, Fed to Local level, either full-time or on a contractor basis.  Those people are the second claw in any FSA pincer.

This one is real, folks.  It is probably just posturing and threatening, but make no mistake - dropping threats like this should make it clear that the stakes have never been higher.

Here's the WRSA piece.

Stay safe.



  1. But in the end one should be more worried about living near those who are known to violently riot not those who have been manipulated into taking EBT cards.

  2. God help those ignorant bastards if they actually go through with it.

    That's pretty much going all in with a pair of dueces.

    I would say they are bluffing because they are certainly aware of the repercussions but they have proven to be as incompetent as any group of individuals I have ever seen.
    In other words, I wouldn't put it past them to be that stupid.
    If it does happen there will be smoking craters left of what used to be major population centers.
    They are damn well aware of that fact.

  3. But Phil - what if they WANT smoking craters made of the population centers?

    With the resultant martial law and roundups of domestic terrorists.

    The 2014 election suspended "until stability is achieved".

    Communists are mass murderers.

    Anything less than mega-homicides is child's play.

    Never forget that.


    1. Good points, all. And while no sane man wants the gambit pushed, especially at the cusp of winter (interesting aside: US cavalry favored winter campaigns because the indigenous people pretty much stayed put), resultant martial law from the 'EBT Riots', possible web shutdowns, round ups of everyone loyal to the Constitution (as ratified) and team FREEFOR, would have resultant unintended consequences, don't you think?

  4. After a google search of "food stamps cut off nov 1st" I found alot of talk about food stamp funds being reduced but not canceled. Although the fox 13 link makes it sound like a full shutoff so not sure how true this is yet. Still good to take the next two weeks to get squared away. Having a "go hot" date would be nice.


  5. Nevermind. Forget last comment just went back to wrsa and saw the usda letter. Sending links to the tribe. I hoped this thing would go down in warmer weather but oh well ive got lots of firewood stacked.


  6. If you live in an area with a high population I hope that you have done dry runs and plotted multiple routes out of that AO to a safe zone with your tribe. If you haven't then you had better get hot on it NOW. Those of us more outside the immediate splash zone have a little time before the horde make their way to our front porch but don't get comfortable, they will come. When they do you can bet the weak have been killed off and what is left and coming for your supplies will be formidable. I can't possible move everything I have in my vehicle but I have made substantial plans that make a breach VERY costly for any mob that tries to breach my perimeter. I may hold out for a while but wish I was closer to people I trust, strength in numbers. Good luck and may God be with each of you. See you on the Fiddlers Green.

  7. So it begins.
    Again, civil war it will be, in our lifetime.
    Without question, the monsters are long overdue on Maple street, one to the other.

  8. The hardest part, as most days, is looking at my child and knowing that what I have to do will be for her. I have looked at everything my wife and I have busted our asses for and I will be damned if any person that I do not consider "tribe" would come to take that from us. I am making my piece with God and I pray he will lead me as he sees fit in his plan. Major Wolf, you and yours are more than welcome, but that would be a long road to travel. None the less, I had to make that known today as I have in the past. May God be with us all in the days to come.
    In Liberty,

  9. I am not as prepared as I would like, but then would I ever be?
    To those of the III that can get to me I offer what I have for as long as I have it.
    At least I played a small part in helping some.
    God speed to all.
    Look for me on the other side.

    A "Parting Glass" at Buckman's would be nice, though.

  10. I have sent out the Bracken comments and the link to the Utah station to ALL family (even the ones who do not want to hear about it) and friends.

    I would suggest that everyone do the same.



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