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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When SHTF I'm coming to your place. Not.

How many people have told you they'll be coming to your place when SHTF, since you are doing all the prepping?

Have you told them not to show up?  Did you use your big-boy voice so they understand you are not playing?

Read this, from David's site.



  1. A coworker made that comment to me. I told her she needed to bring a ladder. When she asked why, I told her it was to climb over the corpses of every other motherfucker who thought they could just take from my family with impunity.


  2. this is why I do not let anyone know if I am or am not stocking up on anything!!

  3. That's what's so funny about it. I have people all the time who call me everything from paranoid to flat out crazy but I can promise you I'll probably be the one they are begging for help when the games commence. I'll also be the one telling them to fuck themselves when they do.

  4. I don't have people in my circle I would call "friend" that are not of the same mindset. I only have one person I would ever confide things like this in. This friend and I have already made our peace with with each other on how each of us could benefit from one another if and when we might have to combine our resources. I've had acquaintences tell me the same thing as the topic of the story. "I'll just lump up with you if shit gets bad, I can carry a rifle, and you might need another set of hands helping out "... No you most certainly won't just lump up with me and mine mothertrucker... I feel the same as above stated. It's not up to our "friends" to give our freaking ships away. My family members have been on me for years about how I'm "over exaggerating things" and how "our government would never do that crazy shit you're talking about" and "they said it was true on the TV, the words came out of his mouth!!" The thickness of some folks amazes me. One thing I've learned about family recently...They will criticize everything you do when they do not understand it, at every turn they get. That type of family is not one that will enhance your chances at survival or longevity. I love them because they are my extended family, but you can't lead a horse to water and make it THINK. Eventually, when you stop coming around for a few years, questions start getting asked like " Is he on any type of anxiety medication or is he seeing a doctor for what's wrong with him?" They just cannot understand why I don't want to come around for Thanksgiving or Christmas and listen to their little whispers and comments from the corners of the room about why I am the way I am. I just AM. Trying to relay what's really happening to them just doesn't produce anything productive because "I'm not an expert." I hate it, but I know it's part of what a lot of folks like us are up against. I'll take my chances on my ways instead of theirs, any day of the week.

  5. A couple of fellow employees (acquaintances) advised the office, that if the SHTF, they were coming to my house. I didn't say anything, but the next day when I walked into the office, I gave each of the "would be moochers" a list of supplies. When asked what the list was for, I replied, "That's what you need to have with you when you arrive." One of them asked me "Why would I need to come to your house, if I have this stuff?", and to that I said "Well, security would be your only good reason, since yours would be a noisy version of suicide, but if you show up without the supplies, you are the enemy, because you knew better, and had a chance to prepare and didn't." I have been told I was somewhat harsh in my response, and have advised those who feel that way, this " If I said I was coming to your house right now, to take a portion of what you've earned and put away to take care of your family, because I was a lazy, irresponsible shit, and paid more attention to fantasy football, than the future well being of my family, and didn't feel like going through the effort myself, what would you do?" "I'd probably try to help you anyway." was the reply, and to that I said, "I believe that's what I just did, and you won't try to help them in that situation if it takes away from your family's chances at survival." Anyone who doesn't face the reality of what you would really do in that situation, is deluding themselves, and they're going to have some serious issues smack them square in the face.

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