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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Constitutional Right to Healthcare? No. Of course not.

I always encourage people to "consider the premise" of any topic so they can reach the fundamental truth and take an informed decision based on Rightful Liberty.

A "Right" to healthcare by definition demands that a healthcare provider perform a service - that he provide healthcare to a person who needs healthcare.  What this does is make it compulsory for a healthcare provider to provide his services.  That means he doesn't have a choice - he must devote his time, his skills, his experience to another person.  By law.

Forcing X to do something for Y is, at best, theft.  More realistically, it is slavery.  Because a man or woman goes to medical school, should that person now be forced to surrender his basic Right of association?  If the people in Government can force a physician to invest a portion of his life to service a patient, can the same people not force me to teach LEO how to fight, or demand that I go to the Mayor's house and fix his personal air conditioner?

Theft.  Slavery.  Surrender of genuine Rights.  That is what happens when you make it compulsory to provide a good or service.

That is not freedom, and it is certainly not Rightful Liberty.

Here's a link to Melissa Harris-Perry.  She demands that not only healthcare be treated as a Right, but housing, education and food as well.  She would have carpenters building houses under threat of prosecution, and farmers working the ground to feed people, because it is their "Right" to eat.

The premise always reveals the truth.



  1. Why is it people are drawn to this flawed thinking that everyone should have everything? It's childish thinking. And that everything is a right? They take the word "right" and what it means in context within our Constitution and BOL and diminish them by being so assinine. Are they just inherently stupid with little or no reasoning skills?

    This is what I tell someone who tries to tell me that any group/individual should have something I have to pay for:

    "If this idea is so important to YOU, then YOU need to find a charity or start one that provides such services. YOU need to DEDICATE YOUR LIFE to accomplishing that dream. YOU need to spend YOUR money and every waking hour to insure it happens. But it is not your right to enslave me and take my money and time to finance YOUR vision of the perfect world. You do not have the "right" to enslave me to make YOUR dream become a reality."

    I have never had anyone who could rebuttle that answer. Probably because they're shocked that I'm such cold meany, not because I actually got through to them......because they are just communist stupid that way.

    Miss Violet

  2. "I always encourage people to 'consider the premise' of any topic so they can reach the fundamental truth and take an informed decision based on Rightful Liberty."

    Damn, what a coincidence...that's exactly what I encourage people to do! Myself first.

    Great comment, Professor V. "You live your life and I'll live mine"...real tough concept, huh? Maybe people don't like the second part because they're afraid of the first. I've been mostly offline for a month; glad I caught that; thanks.

  3. Rights can not infringe on other rights. I can exercise any of my Constitutional rights without interfering with any of the Constitutional rights of anyone else. A pretty simple test really, but if you cant get that through their thick skulls try- - It is impossible to have a right to anything that has to be provided by someone else.

    David Martin


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