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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A bit of garbage at the garbage site, in reply to garbage...

Seems 'lil Mikey Vanderboegh has a genuine psychotic obsession with me these days - it seems I keep him up all night, pounding on his keyboard, spittle speckling his screen as he is simply unable to get me out of his head.

I think I've been on his front page about a dozen times in as many days.  Today I am there with Pete from WRSA!  Not bad company from my perspective, but it sure won't help Pete's rep much.

Does Alabama have a Mental Health program that can do an intervention for Mike?

Dude, in all seriousness, get help or eat a bullet.

But Mike!  I did you a solid - I did take the time to give you a little food for that Kerodin obsession, here.  Bon appetit.

Here's the link.



  1. Its all the Opioid drugs they give him, The man is on his last go-round. He probably hasn't got six months left. You can afford generosity, 'cause he won't be a pain in your ass much longer.

  2. Forgive my ignorance. I have only read some posts from both of you gentlemen, but I must have missed something. Whats the beef between you? Aren't your goals the same? The commies infesting our government are the true enemy. I asked the same thing at his blog. I don't follow either of you. No offense. I am just too independent minded. If shit hits the fan, patriots will be the last of my worries.

    1. John, no worries. There is a LOT of water under the bridge, and too much to recount.

      Mike is a self-admitted Communist who worked in the "Secret Branch" of the PLP in the US during the end of the Vietnam war, he danced in the blood of Americans, and now claims he's red/white and blue to the core, as he undermines every single productive Patriotic endeavor put in motion today.

      I call bullshit. There's much more, but I just don't care anymore.

      Welcome to the community.


  3. What gets me, and I will use this in a future post, is that so many of his followers go apeshit over Traitor Fonda's name, yet they fawn over him. What he did is WORSE than anything that Hanoi Jane did.

    Back on subject: I read his post and comments. One of the commenters wants to know why you're not using funds to promote local militias. Apparently he's never heard of your efforts in the PatCons that have been taking place all over the Nation. While they're not about forming true militias, they are about building tribe and the trust that goes into them. I'd rather have tribe, trust and contacts than militia.
    Them that don't know should STFU.

    1. Mikey is a Commie, his followers have a combined IQ of about 88.

  4. I'm sure you know, K, that MVB does in fact inadvertently serve a positive purpose. He filters out the deadweight of the easily-led, the sunshine patriot, the synaptic not-quite-theres, and the ulterior-motive opportunists of various levels extant in any struggle of ideals. He unintentionally saves us some of the hassle involved in attempting to vet the level of galvanization in another's personal belief structure. Only the Shadow knows the hearts of men, but M betrays some clues for us.

    You know, the sort that'll tuck tail and run at the first "realness" when the balloon goes up. I sure don't want those not even bright enough to discern the truth, at least of our purposes, anywhere near me when the situation calls for certain less palatable things to be done.

    I think quite a few see what's going on, and that life wisdom gained over the years simply prevents a lot of people from expending much energy engaging in largely pointless pissing contests that will lead nowhere. It may be tempting in times of acute frustration to incorrectly attribute that silence to a lack of perspicacity.

    M is but the sutler on the side of the field; the fools buying his wares have their ears stopped to the quiet but important rumour making the rounds that his produce is rancid.


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