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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If Rule of Law is dead...

...then under what set of Rules do we exist, and should we exist?

96% of you, in the poll at right, say Rule of Law is dead.

82% of you in the poll beneath agree that you are personally ready to participate in a black-bag-a-commie-for-mommie Op.  (queue Jedi Zoomie for commie-bashing, boot-stomping, knife-in-neck style propaganda... ;)

In the poll below that 94% of you re-affirm RoL is dead, and it is time to respond in kind.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I know these polls are not even close to scientific, and the pool of people answering those polls are of a shared and non-mainstream political worldview. 

But, does it matter, even one little bit, that the people answering the polls, in such overwhelming affirmation that it is time to go to work, represent such a small percentage of the populace?  It didn't matter to Sam Adams and his boys on the docks.  It didn't matter to Patrick Henry or most of the others who gave birth to this republic.  I continue to use III%, but you and I know damned well George Washington could never put 3 percent of modern Americans in the field today, and if he did, they'd frag his arse before nightfall.  I know damned well how truly few we are - and every one of you is worth a thousand of them, or more.  I choose you.  We'll call it III Percent, and we'll work with what we've got.

So now what you need to think about, very seriously, in the dead of night when you are not able to sleep, in that very quiet place in your own mind where you do not even allow your husband or wife of fifty years to enter: If Rule of Law is dead, that means that the rules which governed our upper-paleolithic hunter-gatherer aunties and uncles are in effect. (They always have been, but that's a topic for another cheery day.)  That means you can't trust anyone to treat you fairly, under any circumstances.  It means that when you are stopped by LEO, he may choose to put his M4 in your face, because he can.  He may shoot your toy poodle, because he can.  Banks can simply hold your money, because they can.  If you make it to court, you will lose, because the Rule of Law is dead and the Rule of Man is in play.  They will win because they can

What has changed since Heller and MacDonald, in real terms, regarding 2A?  2A has lost ground in every major Blue state in the republic (the states that elect Presidents), 2A has lost the biggest fight since 1934 in the Obamacare "Prohibited Persons" designation which is already expanding the number of "Prohibited Persons" via "Mental Health" and has your doctor reporting to Herr Wolf.  And people are braying for secession, as if those Blue areas will never choke them off economically, starve them like Ukrainians, and then move in and take those precious guns from cold, dead, famine-clenched hands before re-claiming the valuable land.

If you believe in your heart that Rule of Law is dead, are you going to continue to live under what they decree to be "Law"?

If not, then you'd better have your war-face on.  You'd better have your Go Bag and tools of war with you, every moment.  Because when they confront you, whether at your home, at your office, on the subway, in email from some local bureaucracy, at the pizza place for lunch, or on a traffic stop, their Law gives them the Right to kill you, where you stand or sit.  They do not need a reason.

Personally, I only see one way to return the Rule of Law in America - mother*ck those bastards so badly they BEG to reinstate the genuine Rule of Law to protect themselves from us.

But we decide when, and if, that happens - not them.  Crying "OK!  We surrender!" is a suckers move, and if you stop then, you are just laying the ground for your kid or grandkid to have to face it all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time and you had best un-fuck yourself.

That is all.

Good f'n morning.



  1. As in the American revolt , it will be slow response , some great indignities will be suffered first , because from this place you speak of there is no turnin back , many are going to die if it comes to such an event...because the cost is so great most I think will have to be convinced that there is no recourse for correction ... you kno most are passive by nature and will suffer much before i is evident to them as to what must be done ,Sir I thank you for this blog and for what you are doing for the cause of Freedom , I admire and honor your cause and efforts ....one of , me thinks many silent supporters , keep calm and carry on....may God Bless and keep safe you and yer wife good Sir...amen

  2. "Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry." -- Sir Winston Churchill 1937

  3. Hard to say the when of it - but for sure the time is now. Just uncertain about the roll out if 'it'. Seems like the few to stand up publically (as with yourself) help those of us who are unsure who else is out there know we are not alone. More than willing to pull the trigger when the time comes.
    Just saying ...........
    BTW, would sign my name but do not know quite how to do that ....

  4. Well said ....quietly,quietly, local,local,local

  5. When the rule of law is gone then the only rule that applies is the rule of survival. When the government disregards the Constitution then there is no government. Tyranny can only be defeated by those whose hearts are set firm to the task. Keep your powder dry and your friends close, things are going to get dicey real soon.

  6. Things are going to have to get a whole lot worse before the three-percent are uncomfortable enough to hit the battle field. Despite the assaults on the 2A and other amendments of the Constitution, fact is we are not starving, being shot on the village green or having our property confiscated and thrown into the street. Until these things happen, the three percent will not be hungry enough to leave their stocked refrigerator and ESPN to do anything.

    1. Sadly, I must agree. So, when one of us, or maybe a 3-Man Team, decides to make a point and do some work, maybe, just fuckin' maybe, the other men and women who call themselves III Patriots will at least turn off the television and walk to their local courthouse with a rifle in their hand - sippy straws left at home, please.

      Alan, you have convinced me since we spoke at King's Mountain and since - it is going to come down to one, two, or three men who stand up and get the herd moving - or die uselessly in the street for a dead concept we call Liberty.

      And you know what - if Liberty really is dead, I don't see a point to life at all.


    2. The Arabs have a saying that applies to Americans today. "A man with a full belly does not to the streets take."

  7. Here's the con, American-style. Most people think freedom is an outgrowth, or result, of rule of law. That's backwards. Rule of law, especially the rights-respecting sort of the USA historically, is an outgrowth of freedom, specifically the recognition of it. That's why it worked when it did---it was consistent with the fact of the matter.

    You're already free, as a willful volitional human. The only question is whether you'll allow yourself to be physically restrained from that freedom, which is the only way that can happen.

    That's all. Like anything else--everything else--it's a choice.

    Expose the scam...laws can't create free people, even as free people can create laws. Think about that carefully, and begin at the beginning. The rational person recognizes every other human as a free individual, and lives his life as one.

    Tyranny can end only one of two ways. Either all the tyrants die, or all the would-be tyrants become persuaded not to make that choice. Alan's working on the first and now that I'm finally back online, I'll work on the second. Something's bound to change.

  8. You are a standard issue idiot with a non-standard issue megaphone. I am willing to bet that you will be warm and safe while your crowd marches on to their deaths. You're a coward that will never lead in battle or stay quiet under interrogation. You will give up your wife to save your own skin. How dare you incite men to their deaths? There has been no provocation, no righteous attack on you, no reason enough for you personally to take up arms and "fight" so why do you insist that others do the only thing you are willing to suggest in this post?

    Fucking coward. Go do your own dirty work you waste of your father's orgasm.

    1. Coward, am I?

      Christian Kerodin - I am easy to find.

      Coward, you? Prove you've got the sack to man-up and identify yourself. I'm bettin' my balls you are a gelding who will never identify himself - at least not with your real name and address.

      Since I'm trying to be less of a pottymouth: F*tard.


    2. Anon what are you willing to bet...I will cover whatever you have to bet with because I love doubling my money...So put up or shut the fuck up....

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