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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Any Questions?

Not everyone considers being a FOCKer to be a bad thing.

Thank you Jedi Zoomie.

When the world gets ugly, it will be we FOCKers who take point and go to work.

'nuff said.

More inappropriate art from Mister Zoomie, here.



  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ



  2. Much rather be a so called " Focker" then a lick spittle, boot licking, sycophant and coward of those who defend each word, opinion and rant of their "Dear Leader", MVB.

    The intellectual dishonest, fear of differing opinions and childlessness demonstrated on their part speaks much to those who have integrity and intelligence..

  3. Hell I must need help, I must be psycho. Yet again I bang my "head on a wall" it sopsey. Yeah I know you have told me it is a waste on time but I just can not let ignorance stand falsely and without question.

    Do they have anything to help a psychopath/Schizophrenic", namely me, for yet again attempting to hold any kind of civil discourse with these "people"? :) :)

  4. Mikey just won't give it up, at all.

    Please excuse me ya'll as I can not stop myself from making attempts to control the madness over on that site.

    I have come to the conclusion it is not me who is mentally ill, it is them.

    1. No worries, Bill. It's going to ramp up over there when he gets certain tidbits of information. Do I win a prize if I cause him to stroke out from here?

  5. Email sent regarding recent appeal.
    Please check for it.
    Thank you.

  6. Sam, please do not take this the wrong way, but he is not worth your time, you effort or Algors interweb space.

    I know when it comes to the Trade Mark, it is a little different, but I would very humbly suggest letting Jim and Holly handle any of that shit.

    I know you are ingrained with a fuck you attitude, so am I once the patience wears thin, but I ask you, is he (MVB) really worth the time?

    1. I should have articulated. Jim and Holly are ging to be the impetus as Federal Complaints start landing in his mailbox. I am only "responsible" in that I will get a childish glee when his heads explodes. ;) He gets virtually zero of my personal time. ;)

    2. Understood Sam. "sic em" Jim and Holly. :)

  7. Oh, one other very small item to state. I am sorry as it is somewhat OT.

    Credit due and all that:

    I will, at least up to this point in time, give Mikey a small amount of "kudos" as he has not YET deleted or censored any of my comments. I understand from others that they were not afforded that courtesy, at least previously.

    Oh well, like I said credit due where it may apply, at least in my case, SO FAR.

    Damn, writing that left an unsavory taste in my mouth. Gotta go and brush my teeth and gargle. :) :)

    A "FOCKER"

  8. Sam, I finally had the opportunity (end of the work week) to respond to his accusation of me being a CoIntelPro stooge. We'll see if he prints it.
    American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
    and a III FOCKer


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