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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Conversation Piece

What do you think would happen across America if scenes like the above, including DUI checkpoints, VIPR checkpoints, et cetera, were met with self defense tactics that include return fire from inside vehicles, fire from passing vehicles and pedestrians, and sniping from concealed teams hastily taking position to do so?

I'm not just looking for the obvious answer: "Lotsa dead LEO, duh!"

I mean, what would LEO response be on the street level?

What would local and state level political response be?

What would National level .Gov response be?

What would be the prevailing attitude of the general public (assuming shooters used proper muzzle control and only hit LEO, no collateral damage)?

You can even plat the Immediate Response/Short Term Response/Long Term Response, if you'd like.



  1. That does pose an interesting thought process. Many have commented on the situation in NM. At what point could the individual have stopped what happened? In my opinion the only thing that could have prevented it would have been his shooting the moment he was pulled over. We seem to be in a state where ALL contact with LEO must be treated as hostile action; what other way is there to prevent things like that?
    Is the proper response when confronted by a check point to avoid - if that is not possible do you immediately engage as hostile? How has this been decided historically? Did the Marquise engage every German check point? If I roll out of my vehicle, or otherwise circle back, and engage the CP who in the "Patriot Movement" will follow through with a "game on" moment?
    It is easy to sit back and refer to "sheeple" not resisting. It is far harder to define the moment to actively resist. Resisting when they are actively going after guns (in a physical way) is an easy decision; "casual" interaction in a "normal" setting is much, much harder a decision to make.
    This is something I think about quite often. At what point do I become active?
    I look forward to reading the other responses.

  2. This goes back to my comments of how the hell do you know when it's GO TIME?

  3. Amen Brother...I think about that everyday...If you acted in the moment you will be on the run for the rest of your life...Can you survive being on the run...Will people take you in that leo won't know about...The media will spin it that you were a deranged drug addicted killer and the leo were saints...Will you have it on camera so you can counter their claim...Do you even have the training to take them on in the first place...All these things run thru my mind...

  4. Lineman has it right, with current state of LEO tactics and media spin, there would be a massive manhunt. Think of the marathon bombing type response. Whether you were right or wrong the person reacting to such a scene would be dead unless that person was eqiped for immediate egress and has a sure fire support team to shelter and relocate the responder. This will require a large group of supports and stealthy movement to another local as this person will be marked for termination. So unless a person has chosen TDIP they need a well though out E&E plan. Because there will be very few that will take that person in on the spur of the moment. Since LEO are acting in horrid ways now, everyone needs to set up and set of escape plans in case they need to respond to intolerable actions.

  5. The situation has to reach a critical mass, we are not there yet. As I have posted elsewhere on this blog, it's a numbers game. For people to be able to react violently to this sort of thing will require large scale public support of the response. As common as these things are getting to be, I think mass public support is a long way off. Things are going to have to get a lot worse first.

    David Martin

  6. I'm a combat veteran, and I never pointed a firearm at anyone I wasn't preparing to engage. This LEO's posture is purely hostile and should be responded to in kind. I wish there was a larger picture to better understand the environment, how many people both hostile and bystanders, what sort of survellience was in place, obstacles? Personally I don't think it'd be too difficult to comply, push through, park off camera, walk to an overwatch, engage, withdraw.

  7. I think the gov't response is probably the easiest of those to answer: they will condemn the shooters as cop killers and come after them a la Dorner.

    As for the prevailing attitude of the general public, I think that they will buy the gov't's claim hook, line, and sinker. The problem is folks don't understand their rights.

    They don't have any idea that they have the right to resist unlawful arrests/siezures, even up to the point of deadly force. They don't understand that they as bystanders have an obligation to assist the person being molested by the force of the state, because if they don't it is implied consent.

    Until that problem is overcome, you won't see more than one guy at a time standing up for his life and liberty by putting a bullet in the skull of the tyrant.


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