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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Not in California. Not in New York. Nowhere in the USA.

This must stop, folks.

How many Californians drove by and looked at the pretty lights, and wondered what "the bad guy did to earn a rifle in his face?!"  And look at tubbo in the tac-helm - yes, he's threat level 2 - not your primary concern.

I'm telling you there is only one way it will stop.

To be any more clear, I'd need crayons...



  1. at the risk of turning this into another copthug site, this account is worth reviewing... despicable and horrifying don't even come close to describing what happened to this man...


    i'm linking it on my website and starting it off with those named in the suit... this SHOULD be national news and scrutiny but like most other incidents like this, it will be largely ignored...

    1. Don't worry, everything you want to know about Miley and Justin will be used to fill that void.

  2. At the risk of sounding like one of those dreaded Tea Party Radicals, I would never convict a Citizen who was driving by, saw this happening, and double-tapped LEO.

  3. Nope I wouldn't either but 97% of the population would...Therefore getting them instead of us on jury is almost guaranteed...

  4. Yes, but who will make the first move? Like the recent video on WRSA where the officer shot the guy in the back. Everyone noticed the time it took for the cop to shoot from the "drop it" order, where as we should be focusing on the response times of their fellow thugs.

    sic semper tyrannis

    1. Alan Mullenax is F.A.S.T. deploying and sending lead at a target - and I don't think even he would have had a chance - what that cop did was murder.


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