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Thursday, November 7, 2013

SWAT Shields

Anybody know the ballistic capabilities of those shields?



  1. What ever the actual numbers are, the old drag racing saying comes to mind.
    "There is no substitute for cubic inches".

    I'm thinking twelve gauge slugs would be effective either way.

  2. Discussed this very thing with a local SWAT member this summer. The shields should stop most anything short of .50 cal, however, they're hard to hold and the kinetics of whatever's hitting it transfer directly into the hand. The stack feels it hurts less than getting shot and comes with the job. They also think there's a decay factor and older gear may not be as reliable as something newer. One of them heard that at some training and it could be an old wives tale.


  3. Couple scenarios come to mind.

    Against a 300 Winmag or a .50 cal? Zero

    Against a .308? I think they would feel it, especially if it were multiple hits on the weak side and not centered on the shield coming from an AR-10.

    Double tap with an AR-15 running Eotech or Acog. 1st hit either foot, shield would drop slightly then head shot.

    Last, team of two. One man running 12 gauge with 00 buck, the other running AR, 1911 anything of immediate take down capability. Shotgun two rounds just ahead of the shield at the ground 12" in front of their feet to cause fragmented rounds and debris into the shins, Second man now has the shot. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    In Liberty,

  4. better question, what are the ballistic capabilities of those knees and legs?


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