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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hey, they're just Commies - it's ok! Settle down!

Just a quick check of my moral compass to see if I am off True North...It's a bit old, my Granddaddies helped set it up for me...

I consider Socialists, Liberals, Dems, Establishment Republicans and everyone else who approves of direct taxation and wealth redistribution to be, essentially, Communists, forgive the imprecise use of the word.  They are immoral parasites.

Now, I take the position that I have no moral obligation to tolerate these parasites who steal from me (via proxy - taxation) living next door to me, in my town, in my state or in my country.  I believe I am under no moral obligation to suffer these parasites voting to take my stuff or to determine what my children should learn, when or where or how I may observe religion.  I believe I am under no moral obligation to give such people a piece of my country so they can live as they wish, just because they were born here and chose to be parasites, whether by Nature or Nurture.

I believe it is morally sound to ask these people to please stop infringing my Liberty.

If they refuse, I believe it is moral to make them stop - they can leave or I am morally permitted to end their infringements by any means necessary - including forced deportation.  If they want to go hard, we can go hard and dig a ditch.  Fugg'em.

I believe I am under no moral obligation to leave ANY part of America because I have a majority of neighbors who choose, whether by Nature or Nurture, to assert a right to my stuff.

I think if my Democrat neighbor stops voting for politicians who promise to steal my stuff, we're good.  I think if my Democrat neighbor continues to insist he has a right to my stuff, via legislation or any other means, I have the moral right of self defense.

I also believe that killing a Commie is not murder, but killing, and carries no moral burden. (Commie is defined as a person actively trying to take my stuff, either directly or indirectly)

New poll at right column.  Let me know if my Grandfathers were right, or if today's "Commies can live next door" culture is a better solution.  Maybe I'm the one with the wrong worldview...



  1. "Now, I take the position that I have no moral obligation..."

    This may be the toughest ethical point of all, at least in a social context.

    You have no moral obligation except that which you choose.

    Don't like that one, eh? It's true, though. If you deny, then let's see you create an obligation in someone else that they don't choose, without doing it with thuggery.

    Can't be done, period. That's why all the damn intellectuals redefined "thuggery" so that it doesn't include that, and turned the world into an orgasmic thuggery free-for-all that they call "moral."

  2. You know, twice today when I typed Collectivists, I thought of your post the other day on all being Commies and I believe you are correct in using just that word for all of their filth. "Kill a Commie for Mommie."

    1. Thanks, Brock.

      I despise - genuine hatred - for communists.

      Sad that they have a very strong grip on America at the moment. We allowed our country to rot from the inside out, and now we are paying the price. That price will be very high.

      Stay safe.

    2. They warned us in the sixties and we ignored them. Ain't much else to say, unfortunately.


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