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Monday, November 18, 2013

RoL is dead and open warfare is upon us...

Read the story.

Scott Walker is a sitting United States Governor, and about as far as it gets from a Rightful Liberty position - and they are coming after him and his supporters with letters of writ and weapons.

What do you think they have in mind for you and me?

Gentlemen - prepare to defend yourselves...

Here's the piece.



  1. And you thought your asshole was puckered....


  2. Hell, I'm more concerned about the lunatics from Detroit up here for deer/rifle. I had to draw down on some shithead last night in the dark on a deserted dead-end where I reside. I had my back-up call the Sheriffs Dept. and they said they could get here in 10 minutes. The moron decided to leave-but only after he seen the barrel of my weapon pointing at him. Like the MotorCity Madman said it's a "free for all".

  3. See. I told you I was a shit magnet. LOL. So I just know I will end up in the thick of it. Doesn't matter how hard I try to avoid it. It will seek me out. Damn.

    Jim NDV III

  4. Time for the good people of Wisconsin and all of the US to read "Prosecutorial Discretion" by Nobody. Check it out at Amazon.

  5. Sure glad I picked up that SDR dvb-t receiver. handy dandy.... Especially with a netbook...

    we are small, they are big.
    We are agile, they are clumbsy.
    They use Technology against us, we use it against them.
    Time for a crew to start becoming a bunch of "Brill's"
    Comint... love it..Live it.



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