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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am very proud

One of our Patriots, whose name I will not use, comes to mind when I sometimes find myself in a place of worry about our chances in this existential and eternal struggle for Liberty.

The man is built like a truck.  Not a meek little Chevrolet Dooley - a Kenworth.

His heart is just as big.

I have met one of his children, and from what I have seen, he is one of those fathers men should seek to emulate.  He is a family man.  He has other children I have not yet met, but the smile on his face and in his eyes says all I need to know when he speaks of them.

I have met one of his dearest friends.  That friend is much as you might expect from the man I have described.  Hardcore.  A man who looks you in the eye.  A man who is not afraid to hug a fellow Patriot.  And he makes one hell of a bottle of brandy.  And he is one of those guys you want to be around.  Always.

Our Patriot recently began Krav Maga after taking the CQB class with us.  He's sent me two email updates, and I know enough about martial arts to know he is getting good training.  He doesn't need to learn how to beat a Navy SEAL who is 'clicked on' in full go mode.  He needs to be able to handle a few punks who may circle himself and his son, just long enough to pull his firearm and leave blood-splatter decorating the area.

Yes, he's got the balls to do it.

Yes, he's already got the skills, and he is refining them.

When I think of him, and other Patriots like him, especially those who get to deal with him in his Tribe, I feel better.

That is all.



  1. Oooo! OOooo! Mr. K I know! I KNOW! (raising my hand in class)

    Joking aside, I am intending on taking the Krav Class as well. Time to giddyupfuckingo! Yeah thats another one of my fangreat words. Its not copyrighted nor is fangreat, so feel free to use giddyupfuckingo at your leisure. Guess the joking isn't aside? Stupid fingers.

    I just posted this on another post in your blog.

    FIDELIS AD FINEM (Faithful to the End)

    God has laid out his plans for me. I see them now, I fought it before thinking they were my plans. I was taught that I was wrong and selfish. Sam, you and Holly were meant to be a part of my life. Like it, dont like it, I dont care. You're stuck with me!

    Now drink yer brandy Superman, Lois needs ya!

    In Liberty,

  2. A question. You say that Krav will bring one up to speed the fastest. I live in a remote area and the nearest Krav class is borderline geographically undesirable. There is Brazilian JJ in town and a Systema class closer than the Krav. Thoughts?

    1. Go with BJJ, but go hard, insist on being taught "Finishing Techniques" rapidly (armbars, chokes, etc) and invest a SOLID 9-12 months before you try toing toe-to-toe with someone who is trained to LEO standards. By going hard, I mean attend every single class you can attend.

      No matter how much you learn, never forget the simple answer is usually better: For instance, don't get so intent on applying a rear choke that you miss the chance to hit the guy in the face with a brick.

      But, BJJ - definitely BJJ.

      Good for you, sir.



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