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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Folks, I posted the below entry because I need assistance.

My thanks to everyone who has helped thus far.  You will be receiving a note from me and Holly.

I'm asking for personal assistance below: Not 527 or IIIGear (that money is not available for personal use - that money sits in its own account)

We still need significant financial contributions PayPal is blow)  - Sorry folks - not sure how to get the wishlist up.  Does this work? 


OK _ I think that did it.  The mats and refrigerators are most important.  The blenders are least important.




  1. i couldn't access your list... the link took me to Amazon's Wish List set up/search for page, not directly to your page

  2. The link took me to my wishlist, but there's a way to find yours. I just need to know what you have it listed under.

  3. What name you registered under so we can search for you...Your link took me to the home page of the wish list not your direct list...

  4. Sorry - try again folks - it takes me to "my" wishlist, but Amazon has so many cookies I am not sure what you may be seeing.

  5. Sam,
    How is the Patriot community to know whether an item has been purchased? Do the items fall off the list at the time of purchase? I just dont want to see everyone throwing in money for a good cause and you end up with 50 pairs of gloves and no bag.

    In Liberty,

    1. I'm not sure exactly - hopefully someone who has experience with the wish lists can answer. My "assumption" is that once item X is purchased, the ticker goes down by one.

  6. The numbers of wanted items goes down as someone actually purchased them. I buy 4 mats, the 14 goes down to 10. When it reaches 0, either the items drop off the list or they show 'already purchased'. Been a while since I used it for the nieces Christmas list.


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