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Sunday, November 3, 2013

III Arms

III Arms Company - building the finest fighting firearms available for III Patriots.

IIIArms.com - ARs & 1911s.


  1. You don't have to approve this comment,
    But for sam... This was my response to your response before comments were closed for that post..

    starting now

    I thank you Sam for your response.
    Your right.. Communists are not the only people with fists, but they certainly use it more than any idology and belief system around. Just as much as they use the color red...

    Using the same imagery as the enimies of liberty will only work if your trying to fool them.

    I might not be the smartist mick in the world but imagery is something I watch. Best way to look at is 'THINK DUMB' and you might just see it... At some point in my life, my elevator didn't always go to the top floor so it comes naturally from time to time.

    Try being an incognito-conservative in a liberal-progressive environment from college/tech school to working two different media-type jobs in the community channel programming and a local TV station. I kept my mouth shut, but I also payed attention to even the smallest details like the imagery that is used in various "things". (ie-im now a clerk at a gas station)

    Look up "Fist of Solidarity, or Fist of Communism, or raised fist under images on bing.

    I do understand that, that one page doesn't represent the main content of the mag, but in our world of getting people to support our cause of liberty for all, little details sometimes do matter.

    Don't take my critizism as gospel. Not my intention.
    I just think, "Maybe the triangle peg doesn't belong in the square hole."

    Plus, you don't wanna send folks like commie-mikey the wrong message.....

    for the folks that got their speedoes in a bunch because of the slightest critisism..... They can go drive on leo frigo with scissors. http://kstp.com/kstpImages/repository/2013-09/wisbridgesag.jpg

    1. Anon - Where is the fist?

    2. Sam, I believe Mr Anon is referring to the lll Magazine and was replying to Sam Culper on the thread on Petes site at WRSA. However, I do not see where the comments have been closed on that thread.

    3. I thought I had glanced at a Commie fist in something related to Sam - and I put it out of my head - thinking I had to be wrong or it must be a mistake.

      I'd invite anyone to email Sam and get clarification.


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