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Sunday, November 17, 2013

No Fear

I would suggest that you choose your allies wisely.
Getting rattled just because bullets are coming your way is a bad Command trait.


  1. A police officer in the US state of New Mexico has fired at a minivan full of African-American children after an argument over a traffic stop.

    According to KRQE-TV, a New Mexico State Police officer pulled over Oriana Ferrell’s minivan on Oct. 28 because she was driving at 71 mph in a 55 mph zone.
    It's time to go to New Mexico, regardless of the fact I know I will be killed(eventually).

    1. cavmedic68w, I saw the event on tv this morning. It IS shameful, to say theVERY least. YOU can not change it there. You want to help change things up? You want to be part of the point of the spear? Then get your arse out here and train medics dammit. We NEED you.
      Miss Violet

  2. http://preparednessunited.com/2013/11/a-dose-of-reality-for-the-armchair-quarterbacks/

    Here's a different take on it.

    1. I give less than a fuck about "a different take on it."
      Every shitbag "serve and protect" involved in that crime needs to be shown the hard way.
      There is no excuse on their part.
      If I was fourteen years and you attacked my mother, I would fight you to the last.
      No, a time is coming very soon when someone is going to have their ass served up on a platter, and it won't be the peasents.
      These traitorous bastards are about to break the camels back with their hair trigger violence.

    2. "Let’s make peace with as many people as we can while it’s easy..."

      Funny stuff, Jennifer; thanks. Here's the sentence that reveals:

      "When it comes to real brutalities in my home state, like the people who got anally violated outside of the terms of the search warrant, I am opposed to such actions (unless some very compelling new information comes out)."

      It's nice to know the author thinks it's okay to be anally violated WITHIN the terms of a search warrant! Lotta comfort there.

      Nice twist of a phrase, too..."compelling information." What do you suppose that means, information that would compel justification of anal violation outside the terms of a search warrant? The mind fairly boggles, eh?

      "The anus you save from unlawful probing in the future may be your own!"

      That one I buy. I just don't think the brightest way to avoid anal violation is to "make peace" with those who would do it. Would he offer the same advice to potential rape victims of common street thugs?

    3. You're reading too far between the lines. I don't suggest that the warrant itself would justify it, I suggest that something much more compelling would justify it.

      For example, if information that this guy was smuggling radioactive materials for Al Qaeda in his butt came out, that would make a big difference. I'm not saying that's likely, but I like to leave things open in case new information comes out so I don't look like an ass later.

      Also note I did not suggest making peace with the guys in Deming specifically. I'm talking about the other guys who don't approve of that. Those are the allies you want, not the abusers.

  3. "I'm talking about the other guys who don't approve of that. Those are the allies you want, not the abusers."

    Well, okay. I know you intend to be civil about the whole matter, but it's getting a little late for that. Personally I don't give a hoot any more about approval or disapproval. Those are words, concepts. You're either part of the action or you're not. It's the Oathkeeper issue.

    Unlike many here, I don't think anyone has any obligation to stop anything, unless they choose that for themselves. But I'll be damned if I pretend that someone gets a bye because they engaged or supported the monstrosities, but disapproved of it anyway.

    It's just too late, Jennifer. I ain't giving excuses, and I ain't taking any.


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