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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Purpose of the III

I believe in Meritocracy.  Winners in life believe in Meritocracy also, even if they don't use the word.

People who do things and advance causes end up at the front of the pack, one way or another.

People who believe in genuinely accomplishing goals end up walking with those people who do things to advance.

Some people simply like the way it feels when they sit on their thumb and spin.  They whine and cry as they are passed by real men.

The III Patriots who routinely come to this blog are achievers in life. They rise to high levels in their chosen professions.  They become Team Leaders.  They become entrepreneurs.  They take point.  They become respected because that is simply how Mother Nature programmed the world - to respect accomplishments.  We do things.  We do not whine.  We do not make excuses.  We do not try to blame others for our own setbacks in life.

Be that guy.  Be the guy who shows up at a CQB class, then goes forward and burns thousands of calories in Krav building muscle memory.  Be the guy who learns the best way to grow a garden is by getting his hands in the soil and doing it over and over until he gets pretty good at it.  Be the guy who knows how to tourniquet his buddies leg and then drag his ass to cover if ever needed.  Be the woman who can help patch that guy up, return fire, and make a hell of a peach cobbler when she wants to make a cobbler.  Be the guy who lays on his side, head pressed uncomfortably against a curb, in the cold rain shooting your sidearm off-hand under the car at a target 25 yards away - just because.  Be the guy who knows what the hell it means to be a real man. 

Be the guy who knows thousands of men are depending upon him to build the Stoner AR, gets a CNC in his garage (having never even turned on a CNC before), and within months is shipping fighting rifles to Patriots.

Be the guy who takes a long, deep breath when life sucks, then gets back to it.

Now think of this collection of Souls we call the III.  You know some of the guys wearing III patches will hide when sh*t gets real. You know some of those guys are racist f*cks who will target people because of their skin color when they think they can get away with it.  You know some of the guys wearing III patches right now won't hesitate to tell you to go do X, from the safety of their recliner.

Next time you meet an honest-to-God Navy SEAL or Green Beret, ask him what he'd do if he saw some poser wearing a SEAL patch or SF crest on a jean jacket at a shopping mall - some snot-nosed kid who never rolled out of bed before noon in his life.

The world is getting very real, folks.  It is time to police ourselves in the III.  It is time to cut the waste loose and keep them out of our business.  It is time to close ranks and give the posers the backs of our hands.  This is not a f*cking social club.  When you find a piece of garbage wearing a III patch - take it from him.  Being a III Patriot is to be earned, not simply ordained by some fat man with a King complex.

Time to man-up.  You know a poser when you meet him.  Do something about it.



  1. "It is time to close ranks and give the posers the backs of our hands...When you find a piece of garbage wearing a III patch - take it from him."

    I fully realize this may not go over well here, but one can hope. In real life, if someone I did not know came up and snatched a patch/hat/whatever off my person I would clear leather. I have no idea what the individuals intentions are, and IMHO that is a reasonable, legally defensible response to extremely aggresive action. If I was unarmed, I suspect the encounter wouldn't be well received either.. Whatever, it doesn't matter.
    The real problem here is that what you are suggesting is assault and battery. It. is. a. crime. Ridiculous? Perhaps. I personally don't agree with the current definition of it, but I don't get to make the rules. If one lives in an area with a particularly capricious DA, expect a misdemeanor. Here in VA A&B is a class 1 misdemeanor, the highest. That is, provided the tussle doesn't get out of control and serious injury results. Now you're talking felony A&B.
    These things DO happen. I just want those who take this advice or are considering it to be aware of the potential consequences of their actions. I don't want to see anyone get blindsided by what happens after they do this (if they survive the initial encounter with the arresting officers).
    I won't comment as to my personal opinion on this. However, in the interest of the patriot community at large, I would like to see as few of them become familiar names to local LEO, judges, and county inmates. Not to mention the awsome PR it would generate as stable leaders of the community, who are to be trusted over .gov.


  2. Jesse - my suggestion is not a universal, by any means. Personally, if I ever meet Mike, I will take his hat off his head and set it afire - and going to jail for 30-90 days would be worth it. If I find a guy wearing a III patch and espousing racist gabage, I am taking his patch off his bofdy, or h is killing me.

    What you or anyone else does, is up to you.


    1. Take it more as a heads up rather than a criticism. While some people certainly deserve a beating, the KKK crowd included, one needs to be pragmatic about it. I can't begin to count the number of lines I would cross to defend or protect my family, but I don't naively think I will remain a free man once I cross those lines. I just wanted to remind people that those lines exist. Again, I'm just encouraging others to make a cost/benefit analysis before they act. What that analysis yields is entirely up to the individual. Maybe they live in an area where the offending party can be taken out behind the woodshed, then more power too him. Whatever the case, forewarned is forearmed.


  3. When i see someone wearing medal I usually strike up a conversation with them and ask where they trained and what regiments they served in. Their answers say it all.

    Ne Desit Virtus III

  4. Ok, look this may not get published, so be it but someone is gonna read it first before they delete it and I hope they consider what Im saying. Look, I have a ton of respect for what is being done here and I agree with most of what is said, but occasionally I do have a differing opinion and whether you want to admit it or even believe it, differing opinions are good. This is one of those cases.
    When we start putting out a "cookie-cutter" definition and or mold of what a "true" 3 percenter and or Patriot is then we are crossing over into the very territory that the enemy now holds as home. Its not mine to judge the heart of anyone else but myself. Few peple really know how they will react when the SHTF event occurs. We want to pump up visions and scenarios and we rightfully are preparing to meet those, but when the rubber meets the road I wonder how many Rambos or Hard Asses on this site will wilt like limp lettuce. What if they come at us in a way that we havent trained for or looked at? What if the event happens at a time when we are at our weakest? There are words to a song that I like, and it goes something to the effect that, "Im not a coward Ive just never been tested." How many can say that? I dont pound my chest and spew gallons of compressed hot air. I used to then I gained a little wisdom and realized that I dont know Jack Shit about what I'll do until it actually happens.
    Look at the original War for Liberty, Peoples stances and support varied and changed throughout it. People who once didnt support the Cause ended up being great Champions at the end. I say reserve our judgement of peoples seriousnes and dedication to the "Cause" until there is a "Cause" to support and be dedicated to.
    The old addage about letting a sleeping dog lie has borne truth through the ages for a reason.
    So before anyone goes slapping and snatching and acting like a general Dick why dont we try to save it for the real threats.
    Look at the original Patriots, their regional beliefs and differences dictated so much cobbling together of ideas and plans to arrive at an operating consensus it was impressively Herculean that they were able to accomplish so much.
    Look, be proud, Be The Three, be a Patriot BUT lets ACT like it also. We are trying to win support we are trying to build alliances and numbers, but petty school yard tactics just make us look bad.
    Patrick Loper

    1. Patrick: I don't censor reasoned debate, so feel free to write any time.

      And I would never advocate that we have a litmus test or secret handshake. I was being far more general, and this post was as much emotional as intellectual.

      The only times I would ever take any such action is when "I" am convinced the person involved is a complete ass-hat. Consider the "Sons of Liberty" recently discussed our of Illinois from our Wisconsin Patriot - they wear the trappings of Liberty and advocate OFA and our current President. I would not hesitate to strip any American Liberty symbol from their bodies and kick them down the road in their panties.

      But I'm not advocating a Salem-style hunt.


    2. Great. Like I said I admire what you are doing. It helps me rest to know that there are others out there actually doing something as well. I agree that there are posers that deserve our wrath and will deservingly receive it "On that Day".
      I had to step back from things for a bit and re- assess my view and approach to being ready for SHTF. Ive come to grips with my shortcomings and situation and just make it my desire to give a "Good Account" of myself when the time comes. Im reminded of the story about a man living in the South during The War Between The States (Some may Know his name. I confess Ive forgotten) and he wanted to stay neutral, keep to himself and it worked fine until some yankees killed his sons. He then had a rifle commissioned that allowed him to reach out at long distances and touch the enemy. He then spent the remainder of the War doing just that with Great success. Im trying to be like him. Trying to realize my weaknesses and utilize my strengths to counter those weaknesses. Not everyone can be a Front line Grunt. It doesnt make us any less valuable as long as we Give a Good account of ourselves in someway. That was the gist of my writing. Keep up the Good work and Hopefully Someday we can stand together under The Banner of NEW Liberty.

  5. http://www.guns.com/2012/02/09/jack-hinson-the-civil-war-sniper/

    1. Thanks, for this reminder. I SHALL NOT FORGET AGAIN!! May there arise Thousands of Jack Hinsons when the time comes.

  6. K---keep up the Good Works.

    Today I attended Saturday Eve Mass 11-9-2013. The priest told the story of the family who was killed by the evil king because they would not eat pork...they accepted being killed because they would violate the "law" and knew that after their death they would be in heaven.....

    Then the priest asked the congregation if there was anything we would be willing to die for....I said in a loud voice....FREEDOM! I could hear some around me say ... yes!.....then the priest said in a rather sarcastic tone....do you really mean you would give your life for Freedom? I said Yes and I would kill those who would take Freedom away from others. Then the priest said...oh but thou shalt not kill....I interrupted him from going on and said that Liberty is more important. At this point people now were getting nervous...so I let it drop. I should have reminded the priest that the commandment say Thou shalt not Murder....wonder why so many churches have the incorrect word of "kill" in its place? Communist like influence I suspect....

    Then the priest said the intensions----prayers for various subjects----one was for the slaughter of Christians to please stop in the Mid east and Africa and the other was for our Veterans and Current Military members....at that point I had a little smile on my face at all the hypocrisy right before my eyes.

    K---like you say....the traitors and evil people are all around us....wolves dressed as lambs.

  7. when a much younger man, i surrendered 4 years of my youth to Uncle Sam's Misguided Children... the esprit de corps has never waned... fast-forward to circa 2006, while in my current ministerial position, i had occasion to confront an individual wearing an article of clothing which clearly depicted my branch of service.. engaging him in direct conversation, i asked him if he had earned the right to wear that or any other article of clothing pertaining to that service to which he replied no... i then directed him to remove it and 1) stop acting like a fool and 2) surrender said article to me - which thing he did after a few moments of contemplation...tough guy..??? no just a guy who believes that some things in life don't come detached from achievement - they must be worked for and earned... with the effort involved comes a development and cultivation of the core values... my view of our III is the same... work at it - honestly - live it, do it and when we're called upon to engage that scenario none of us really wants, we can put the patch on, wear it with pride and execute the business that has been exampled by the Founding III who gave us the plan in the first place...

    be encouraged Anonymous @ 11:22, not all clergy have such a misguided, all-encompassing interpretation of the "Thou shalt not kill." commandment and some of us actually understand the intention of Romans 13 as it applies to RevWarI, II and the coming RevWarIII...

    pray for the best while prepping for the worst

  8. Kerodin,


    I fall back on what the "San Jacinto outlaw" said. Local, local, local.

    Myself, I find the 3percenter attitude does not always involve wearing a 'patch'
    Instead of going surfing or going to the range yesterday, I helped a like minded neighbor out with some yard work. I'm also helping another friend out, that had his wife basically dump him after 19 years of marriage. He is liked minded and next week I will help him out when he moves into the new house he just bought for himself (minus the wife)

    My thought on all this is that a patch means nothing. Its the actions of the man or woman behind the patch that what determine what kind of person they are.

    I help my neighbors and friends out when I can. I am not perfect by a longshot, however I found out that if you want others to respect you and listen to you. You have to set the example. Wearing a patch and cheering others on from a distance means nothing.

    1. Absolutely! The patch is merely a symbol for the mindset. Leading by example will get a pile of wood cut and split, no patch is going to help. ;)

  9. Purpose: https://archive.org/stream/revolutionlifeof00drisk#page/54/mode/2up

    tribe, auxiliary, intel, comms, weapons and ammunition are important but dedication, concern, perseverance, determination and sacrifice make it work and get it done


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