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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Sometimes when I write people think I am talking directly to them in subtle and veiled terms.

I'm not doing that in this post.  This is just a random thought I have decided to put out there.

I'm not sure why, but a vast majority of people seem to think everything in the world, from office politics in the business world to being annoyed over someone who stole a parking spot, to impolite chat on blogs about Communism in America, is all just fun and games and schoolyard trash-talking - right up until the moment they get that stupid "That motherf*cker just stabbed me 19 times in the neck!" look on the face of their half-decapitated head.

Far too many Americans simply think they'll never be touched and held accountable for their actions.

Too many people simply do not understand that Nature is only in balance when people are held responsible for the words out of their mouths and typed by their hands, and the actions they take.

Far too many Americans think they can say anything they want, either in person or online or wherever, and they'll never know what it feels like to eat a backfist, or never learn what a garrote feels like as it slices into the meat of their neck, or never know what it feels like to have their guts spilling on the floor while the person they were arguing with in Starbucks simply walks away, gets in a car, and goes for a shower.

Too many American Human Beings fail to understand that Mother Nature simply didn't rig the system that way.

Guess what happens when a gazelle sneaks up on a lion and smacks that lion on his ass.  Said gazelle is going to get f'd the F up.  That's how nature works.  Guess what happens when a fleeing gazelle stutter-steps and asks for a time-out because he pulled a hammie?  Lunchtime.  That's what f'n happens.

And what happens when one stupid person pushes the wrong guy too far?  That is happening all over America right now.  The learning curve is going to be steep and unforgiving.

Payback is going to hurt.  There will not be any warning.  It's just going to be a backfist, a shovel, a shower, and then a good night sleep with one fewer lippy, stupid putz fouling the air.





  2. Sam:

    Build your dojo.

    Do your roadshow as $ permits.

    Help drive others to Mosby, Max, JC Dodge, DTG, and others.

    Keep on doing what you are doing.

    The worm is turning.

    Remember Mosby's quote:

    "It’s not about holding ground. It’s not even about winning for the G. It’s about the perception of not losing." - John Mosby, Nous Defions

    Keep bashing on.


    Some nazifartlicklickspittleinformantsnitchprovacateur FOCKer


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