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Monday, November 11, 2013

What's next for Kerodin? Your choice...

You know Holly and I are heading to Idaho to help lay the ground in the Redoubt for those who are coming to weather the storm.  You know I hope to make it as easy as possible for III Patriots to assimilate into the area, and to help as many as possible get businesses up and running to invigorate the local economy, and work with our allies in the area who are building Farmer's Markets, et cetera.

I asked this a week or so ago, and I think too many of you were afraid to weigh in.  Please give me your 2 cents on this one: What else do you think I should be doing to advance Liberty?

Do you want me to plan to travel next summer and continue CQB training classes for those who need it?  This knits us together as a wide-ranging Team, which is at least as valuable as the training.)  Do you want me to put my energy into trying to build some sort of training entity that will get people like Mosby, Culper, JC Dodge, Max and others to more people?  (That'll take real money, so get ready to help me with answers on that front if you want me to go that way)

I had once thought we could get bigger money into the Liberty Movement, from Koch-esque groups - I was wrong.  That ain't going to happen.

Any money we are going to generate, we are going to do from our own paychecks.  And folks, that is NOT enough.

I've talked logistics recently, but there is nothing I can do to help set up a regional or national logistics network without cashflow, so that's a non-starter.

So, here's my most important question of the day: What do you think I should do for the next year to advance the Liberty Movement?  With the right people and support we all busted our butts and we got IIIGear, III Arms and even the Citadel with tangible realities in a year.  Should I focus on making those projects bigger?

You know I'll be offering CQB and MMA in Idaho for anyone who travels in, but when warm weather returns, we need to make progress.

Should I move to consolidate the III on a political level? 

No matter how off-beat you may think your idea - I need some guidance.

Because I promise you: I have my own plan in mind, and most of you don't want me going there.

So please, weigh in.



  1. I say build your core, your foundation, and focus on Citadel.

    Don't want to be spread too thin when things get a little more interesting.

    One wouldn't want to set up their stronghold in a region, but leave it as a tent city while they are off starting little side projects here and there.

    I believe you and Holly have thrown all your cards into Citadel, Benewah, and Idaho. Focus there, and let others pick up the rope where you must let it go.

    Heaven knows how many people are salivating, waiting for Citadel to fail. Don't give them the opportunity.

  2. Kerodin,


    I think the most logical idea again is the 'San Jacinto outlaw's' Local, local, local.
    Kerodin, you cant be everywhere at once. Train a few here and there. Get Mosby, Max V, etc. also to fan out and train others.

    Its up to the people who listen to you to train more, stay fiscally fit and learn more how to defend their families, homes and communities from bad guys of all types.
    (I don't mean to digress here, but the looting in the Phillipines after that massive hurricane should be a 'wake up call' for anyone like myself who lives in area's where hurricanes pose a risk)

    Its up to the people to form networks for assistance with gardening, barter, etc. Its up to us to help our like minded neighbors if their barn burns down and God willing they will help us out if our barn burns down and needs to be rebuilt.

    Kerodin' you can lead from the front but the 'Patriots behind you need to pick themselves up and carry their load too. There is only so much you can do. Their comes a point where we have to 'sink or swim' and we will be on our own.
    In a worst case scenario there will be no more iiipercentblogspot and everything we have learned and everyone in our local area are all we will have to fall back on.

    I am big on target shooting myself. There is no "Appleseed training" in my area of Texas. I am considering getting "Appleseed qualified" and going back to get qualified to train others as an instructor. I am in real tight with the owner of a local gun range and I know he would invite me to hold and Appleseed class if I was a certified instructor.

    That goes back to the local, local, local level. Get trained and get good at it and spread the knowledge and wisdom. The Liberty movement needs to spread out and not be localized in Idaho. The whole nation is at stake not just a specific region.
    I think the Citadel's a great idea, however I would like to see a hundred more Citadels everywhere, in all states. Now that would really piss off the bad guy's:)

  3. I agree with Bonnie Gadsden, but I also think this is uncharted territory. Not just for you and Holly, but for all of us. We have been initiating "Leap of Faith" plans now for over a year and look where we are. These plans at best were roughly 50% dream, 50% reality and thank God it always tipped toward reality. :)

    In the real estate business they always say "Location, location location." In the Patriot community, I am going to say our next crucial step is "Communication, communication, communication." We need to get ranks defined. We need to organically grow and through that growth, we need Sam Culper's help with communicating better.

    Once we have communication locked down, a good idea would be to essentially begin to draw up a "who's who" in the Patriot community. Each Patriot could be listed with their strengths and their weaknesses. Meaning, if I don't know the difference between an open/box end wrench versus a crescent wrench, I shouldn't be working on cars. Not saying we cannot cross-train and learn, but we have to fill ranks in where necessary. This would be every III Patriot producing a resume for the III Community. The resume would not be your typical "Career Builder" resume, but a resume from when you were born and all the crucial knowledge you have to date. Such as Farming, Canning, landscaping, construction, engineering, waste management, water, shelter, making candles, pasta, fuel, soap, clothing, etc.

    Here is a fun fact. I can throw pottery. Yeah yeah, you can throw pottery too, but that's not what the term implies. Those that can take clay on a wheel and make a bowl (most at first make ash trays) are called potters. The process is called throwing pottery. I would advise the list of Patriots is kept off a machine that is online on a database with contact data, location, names and resume. This will help formulate the calling of the III Community when maybe I am passing through mid-state Ohio and I am in need of a III Mechanic to work on my car. I would rather support the III than some conglomerate.

    Just my $.02
    In Liberty,

  4. I agree with Israel, having a database of Threepers that have skills available for others to avail them selves of. This is similar, if not akin, to my earlier posting of a state by state listing of Threeper and like minded Patriots businesses as a goto when you need something done that surpasses your skill set.

  5. Indeed Sail Man, but we must keep this database as close to our sides as we would our 1911's. With the blessing and curse of the intardnet, this could shoot ourselves in the foot as much as it could save us grief. we have to be mindful and respectful of the data collected and shared, plain and simple.

    There should be essentially an "architect" or couple "architects" that would keep the data elements. The only peices that would be shared would be "birds eye view" type data elements where on the road you may go to a III community shop to get bait and tackle instead of Wally World. The drill down of data, the meat and potatoes of each Patriot, would be saved for when there are no rules and we need a team of X to go and do Y. Our Armed forces are no different in Land, Sea and Air so why should we not be defined?

    In Liberty,

  6. I'm not late to this party, I just had to think about it a while.
    I am in agreement that you should concentrate on local, local, local. Build that and then start working outward.

    Israel, I think you're awesome, and I say this with all due respect, but your idea of having a list of Pats chills me to the bone. If we are in a war having that list fall into enemy hands would be a death warrant for everyone on it. I know, we would be so careful...until we weren't. Or until unforseen events happen. Having one or two people with that info doesn't make me feel any better either. Times changes, human nature does NOT. If you HAVE to have a data base, play like a Druid and memorize it, but do not let any one know what you have in your head. There's a reason torture works. There are better ways to accomplish our networking.
    Miss Violet

  7. Miss V, hence the reason why I said the info would be held offline. There is a bigger picture which I will not discuss here. The very first meeting of our tribe we actually went around the room and stated our names and what we are good at. The resume so to speak. It was very informative. I too agree that having a list doesn't sit well with me either, but to be honest if we are on the Patriot blogs, we are already on the list. I would rather know what my brothers and sisters can or cannot do, than to plague my brain of when the list keepers are coming to take me away to teach me basket weaving. ;)

    None the less Miss V, I appreciate your words and do agree having a list would be scary, but in the over all scheme of things I think it has merit for the III.

    In Liberty,

  8. I agree that this should be local, and I'll suggest you shouldn't travel outside the mountain states after March unless you are completely confident of returning, the possibility of events is too fluid right now let alone 4 months from now.

    No disrespect, Miss V, but as Israel typed, we're already on a list. Knowing what each other's skills and limitations is a good foundation for community, but our names and identities are already known, so your point regarding torture is trumped.

    K, if you want to get into politics, best of luck to you. ;) snark. Seriously, though, any political discussions should be in the Rightful Liberty perspective, which everyone here already knows, to prevent the continuation of what we have now. I will go so far as to state that any consensus on planning should be at least 80%, the 51/49 split is bullshit.

    Israel, does pottery throwing work good for a skeet shoot? ;) lol

    The only other suggestion I will offer is that everyone get as much junk silver as possible in the next few months. It will be useful.


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