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Monday, November 11, 2013

III Arms: III Liberator Contest


For our engineers and savvy Patriots, and anyone who wants to tinker:

Often III Arms announcements are released here because it is the biggest audience we have unless I ask WRSA for a favor. 

As most of you know US Army PsyOps built millions of .45 ACP Liberator pistols to be dropped to French Resistance fighters to use against the occupying Germans.  The little gun was a master-stroke of simplicity for accomplishing a very specific task.  It is a single-shot.  The action is manually operated, and the spent casing was pushed from the end of the barrel with a (supplied) wooden dowel.  A few extra .45 ACP rounds were stored in the pistol grip.

The concept was simple: The Partisan palmed the Liberator and found a German sentry late in the night and got close using guile or tradecraft, busted a .45 cap in his arse, then took the German's weapons and ammo - then got the heck out of Dodge before other Germans arrived.  He'd then pass the Liberator to the next unarmed Partisan who would repeat the process.

III Arms:  The next item on the company agenda is a modern Liberator.  Forget the shape and engineering details of the original - this is a chance to make the Liberator in your image.  A few specs: It must remain single-shot.  It must have a space for extra rounds.  It must be SIMPLE to operate and build.  It MUST be 100% buildable on a CNC machine.  It must have a retail price-point that allows most anyone to afford one - Team Leaders should be able to buy them by the dozens to hand out when SHTF to all those folks who never prepped.  I would recommend you use current barrel blanks - it comes pre-rifled and you can cut it to whatever length you wish.  Personally, I'd thread the end of the barrel for a small suppressor, but that's just me.  The fewer the parts, the better.  It should be intuitive to operate so ANYONE can find one and put it into the ear of a regime thug and take his gear kit.

It MAY NOT use stampings.  Remember - EVERY component (except barrel blanks) must be able to build on a CNC - this way Patriots anywhere with even a hobby-level CNC can build one in their basement.

The design needs to look like a small pistol - nothing camo'd as a ball-point pen or other item.

NOTE: Do NOT get into trouble with ATF by building prototypes in your basement!  Use drawings, please.

Ammo choices: I'm a .45 ACP guy.  But let's be serious - if the idea is to get within contact range, you don't need that much kick or noise.  At buckle-to-buckle range, I'm as deadly with a .22LR as with the .45 ACP.  But design is up to you.  Building in multiple calibers is pretty simple once the design is worked out.

What's in it for you?

First: You will be contributing to the preservation of Liberty.

Second: The winning designer will be presented unit number 1 - which will become very valuable.

Third: The winning designer will receive 10% of the net sales of all III Arms Liberators sold, until you are dead.  If you designate an heir, that person will get your dividends once you are gone. (I am a hardcore Free Enterprise guy - I believe Americans should get paid for their work.)

What's next: Design your Liberator.  You do NOT have to make blueprint-quality drawings - Miller is a smart guy and he can work from pretty good sketches.  But make sure your drawings are as good as you can make them. Make sure your drawings are complete - he can't read minds.  Include dimensions. If you are able to send him computer versions of your design, I think his life gets much, much easier.

So, for all of you mechanically capable Patriots who feel that maybe you can't contribute as much as you'd like - here's your chance.  Design a modern Liberator and help real Americans kill commies for mommy.

Submit ALL designs to: information@IIIArmsCompany.com  If you are going to submit paper designs, I'll give you an Idaho address for submissions in the near future.

This contest will run through the winter.  It begins now and ends March 21 (Springtime).  Jim Miller may get designs early and decide to build prototypes.  He may not.  Jim is Jim and he'll do what he feels is best for the project.

Legal notice: Submitting your design gives exclusive rights to III Arms Company to produce the prototype/design you submit and the company holds those rights until the contest is officially over.  You may NOT submit to any other company.  The winner is obligated to accept the above terms.  If your design is NOT chosen as the winner, all rights immediately revert back to you, in full.

Game on, folks.  Let's bring the Liberator into RevWarIII.



  1. What a neat idea. I wonder if you could have a break open design like a single shot handy rifle or shotgun but in short barreled pistol form? Sadly I do not know enough about drawing up firearms to have any more input in this than writing an idea. But a short barrel with the extractor that pulls the spent cartridge out allowing the shooter to grab the rim.

  2. You could even design it with changeable barrels to cover all pistol calibers.

  3. K, suppressors are great and all, but an ass-pain of paperwork with FedGov to track you with....better yet, why not design the the barrel to accept a commonly available car oil filter? Works almost as good (tho you need to fire that first round to open up the end of the filter). There's a good youtube video on it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_pcWPdSDs

  4. I don't get the point.

    I have a few "Liberators" in 9mm, .380, and other assorted calibers...not to mention that a $10 skinning knife from Wally World can serve the purpose if you're wise enough to get to that range.

    We don't need "Liberators." We need people with the balls to put them--in whatever form--to use. Someone call me when that actually happens.

    1. Wraith: It is as psychological as practical. There will come a morning when millions of Americans wake up and say "Oh Sh*t! The tin-foil hat guys were right!"

      They won't be ready for anything. If we have a few tens or hundreds of thousands of these floating around, I think you might be surprised at how many cubicle workers grow a pair, more confident that they have a firearm in their hands, and stand up rather than go fetal.

      That's my hope, at least.

      And from OpFor perspective - a few ten thousand/hundred thousand single-shot brain scramblers, possibly in the hand of any/every pedestrian walking down the street WILL make the young bucks pee themselves.

      You are absolutely right - we need Warriors right now. But we have to work with what we've got.

      Stay safe.


    2. Plus a gun, in the hands of a lesser trained individual, gives you a much better chance of success than a knife in the hands of the lesser trained.
      K you are dead on with this. People are gonna wake up and say, "Enough!" and as you say they didnt see the need of a weapon, but sure wish they had one. With this simple "Gun for Dummies" weapon (NO INSULT MEANT) it does change everyones perspective. Mr Goose-Steppin', Jack-Booted LEO will have to start wondering just who is gonna have one of these babies to take him down for some present or past sin against humanity that he is guilty of.
      IM ALL FOR THIS!!! GREAT! I have young daughters and I thnk something like this would serve PERFECTLY for them... As an aside, this could be a possible line of marketing, to those ladies and girls who might want or need something with a little more stopping power than mace or stun gun, but yet dont want to fret with "All that gun-Stuff". Just a thought.
      Im for it cant wait to see a finished product
      Patrick Loper

    3. OK, I can see the point now.

      I just hope like hell that the masses aren't so domesticated as to be physiologically incapable of stepping up.

  5. " A great gun to get another gun" is how it was termed. Like the very effective and economically produced Sten, the 'Liberator" was dropped behind enemy lines by the thousands. There was a company in Elizabethtown, KY called Vintage Ordnance Company that was actually producing a copy of this pistol a few years back. I spoke to the owners and actually held one at a gun show in Louisville. After a quick Google search I found their website.


    The best I remember the guy had them priced quite a bit higher than the $600 advertised. Compared to originals, which are rare, that is not a bad price, but for a Patriot on a budget $600 would buy a good used pistol or rifle (i.e Glock 19, SKS, etc.) extra mags, and some ammo. With that said, cost should be a very important factor in the design of the "contest" weapon. Just my two cents worth. LOL

  6. Top-break .45LC/.410 2.5" or 3" chamber. Rifled of course, 'cuz it's a pistol.


  7. Seems to me that, when the rules no longer matter, a .22 zip gun built from local parts for 5 or 10 dollars would be a better bet. Not to be down on the psychological aspects of the liberator concept, just the paper and electronic trail. The 3-D printed guns have been very effective at producing soiled undies, but they aren't as practical as the CNC stuff in the real world.

  8. We have discussed in our tribe many times about burying something, somewhere and it always comes down to, "I dont want to bury my firearm, what if its the only one I have left?" This is where this could come into play. If you and your tribe knew you had a Liberator or a few Liberators with maybe 8 rounds sealed in various locations, that could be the difference between life or death.

    That being said, I and my brother accept the challenge. We will reveal our prototypes in the near future. I already have the name picked out. My design may not make it, but I am pretty sure the name will. ;)

    In Liberty,


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