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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reminder: Reindeer Games

I write this general post at least once a year, and it is time to write it again.

I am compromised.  I know my comms are monitored by .gov as well as .gov contractors.  You must understand that simply visiting this blog, Kerodin.com, and just about any other blog in the Liberty Movement has you on a list and you are being mapped.  They are mapping your nodes.  They are drawing a physical profile of everyone with which you communicate, in any medium, for any reason, as they consider your threat potential and the ability to compromise you either now or in the future.  That means your comms are likely already compromised as well, unless you are going old-school and whispering into someone's ear - and these days, I'd be wary of that being secure.  TOR is not secure.  Hushmail and similar services are not secure.  Encryption is not secure.  I operate on the premise that everything I say and do is monitored and recorded, simply because I am who I am.

And I operate on that premise because I know it is reality.

This is why I have never asked any of you about sensitive matters, and why I tell you not to include me in any reindeer games you may have running.  What I do not know, I can not compromise.  But the moment you put something sensitive into a digital format, you must assume it is compromised.  If you are writing a piece of fiction and you detail an operation in email, you must abort because you must assume your Hero's cover is blown and known to the other side.

There is a reason I am still on the porch - several reasons, actually.  Fundamentally the reason is because I choose to be on the porch for now and do all of my work in full transparency.  Right now my work is centered around helping as many Patriots as possible get off the line of attack, move to the Redoubt and bring a business with them, get the Citadel concept moving at an even faster pace, train Patriots in my specialty, and encourage them to train with others who specialize in other aspects of the fighting arts.  For my allies who have chosen to remain in their respective AO's for the coming festivities, my goal is to help improve your position as much as I am able given my paradigm.  I work to build morale and cohesion as much as possible.  The polls at right help everyone take the pulse of their fellow Patriots.

When I decide to leave the porch, if I decide to do so, I'll extend the same courtesy to you and not loop you into my reindeer games.  I will never ask anyone to go there with me.

Be smart, folks.  Don't make it easy for Enemies of Liberty to take you out before the Liberty Games get fully underway.  Look at the polls on the right column again - understand that you are not alone. 

Stay safe.



  1. And I for 1 am so fucking tired of scumbags doing this to any American. THIS MUST CEASE. Damn it. If you folks are not boiling mad over this fact alone, then nothing will piss you off. We have no choice but to resist and then claim VICTORY over our enemies.


    1. You ain't gonna like this, but I figured something out a little while ago. Anger never serves a person except in an actual, literal, physical fight. It's a long story why this is so, but that's the point and it's TRUE.

      Prepping makes sense, duh, but imagining what will be is not the living of it. Ask Selco.

      CA uses a great line..."Fear is a liar," and this is another one..."Lose the anger." Or maybe, "USE the anger, when the time comes." Till then, like fear, it's only a distraction and leads to mistakes.

      This was a very hard thing for me to accept personally, especially in the middle of today's madness. Justification and righteousness have nothing to do with it, for those are both mental exercises. The coming Show doesn't figure to be about mental exercises, not at all. Another duh.

      I hope we get to meet. From Mio to West Branch, I can be there. We share one thing for sure---we're both looking to WIN. Me, I'm trying to "Rebuild now," and philosophy is a tough thing to peddle.

    2. Besides, what's there to be angry about? Ground Zero is rolling in dough...


      When they smack you in the face, it means it's getting close.

  2. WTF? Well then let's meet. I have a great friend S of WB at Cook and Bensch rd. or you'e totally welcome up here. k has my contact info. If I can help let me know. I have all day-everyday.

    1. Sounds good...K's got mine too, or I'm pelletfarmer at either the zerogov forum or hushmail. I think we're close; you must've missed that comment a few weeks ago.

      And in case you couldn't tell, I'm beyond help! Later.


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