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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The American Guerrilla Fighter: A Profession of sadness

At first blush I find the concept of American Guerrilla Fighters to be repugnant.

We've already done it, more than once.  We shouldn't have to do this again.

It is not glamorous.  It is not heroic.  It is hard work, it is dangerous, and you will probably die from a stupid mistake, by some PoS loyalist who stabs you in the back, or just because you are in a dangerous profession.  Is it even a profession?  Not from where you and I sit.  Sure, guys like Mosby are Professional Guerrilla Fighters, because they earn a paycheck and they go teach people in other nations to be Guerrilla Fighters.  But once they come home and rotate back into civvies, they are just guys with experience - no longer professionals on a payroll.

I've been looking at this concept of Guerilla Fighting in modern America.  It is nothing but ugly contemplations.  There are no bright spots. What is worse, if the Guerilla Fighter isn't independently wealthy, if he is not financed by a John Hancock in his endeavors, or if he is not willing to go hardcore and take everything he needs (which transforms him into a criminal, not a moral Fighter), then I simply don't see how it can work.

Sure, I can hear a lot of people already typing.  "Well 70 of us from Bumf*ck County will just kill every LEO we see and take their shit".  Please leave now, this is a conversation for grown-ups.

Let's consider a simple hypothetical Guerrilla Op (Give me a break and DO NOT critique the operational hypothesis - it is a quick thumbnail, many details and variables are eliminated for simple conveyance of the general point): Target X is a Bad Person, he voted on the City Council that local LEO is allowed to set up roadblocks and push the business-end of an M4 into the face of every driver until they are satisfied.

Whether this is your AO or not, you've got problems that need answers.  You decide to catch our City Councilman on his front lawn, one of the lesser-populated spots suitable to meet him.  You begin waiting in your van about 30 minutes before he is due home.  When he gets home and starts getting out of the car, you start moving toward him with your delivery uniform and cleverly disguised package.  You get his attention and as he smiles (because you smiled too) and as he reaches to accept your package, 3 muffled .357 rounds leave the box and correct his Marxist behavior - forever.

Now you have to exfil.

You turn, get back to your van casually but quickly, get a few blocks away, dump your clothes, set the entire thing afire to kill as much DNA as possible, get into your pre-positioned escape vehicles, and exit the neighborhood in a vehicle that LOOKS LIKE IT BELONGS IN THE NEIGHBOORHOOD.  Then you hit your disposable Safe House, get rid of everything you've got, burn it all for the same reasons, and leave in a vehicle that will get you onto a very close highway and out of Dodge.

So - you need a van that will pass muster as a delivery van.
You need a delivery uniform that will pass muster.
You need a revolver that will not be traced back to you or any ally.
You need E&E vehicle One (after the van) that can be burned and NOT traced back to anyone you know (VIN numbers will NOT be destroyed in your fire.)  Remember, if the City Council lives in a nice neighborhood and your E&E car is a 25 year old 'yota, that would be a clue.
You need a safehouse that can't be traced to you in any papertrail.  You also need to burn it to the ground.
Then you need your final exfil vehicle that can get you past a traffic stop without a firefight as you leave the AO - so it has to be legit.

Obviously all of this includes the proper tradecraft to avoid cameras, etc.

So - we see the .357 rounds are the cheapest part of the op.  This is much cheaper if you are willing to go on a kamikaze mission, drive your own car and die when PoPo arrives.

But if we intend to live to do this again, can we all please agree that using cousin Bubba's 4x4 for a drive-by or auntie Lulu's BMW for an escape vehicle is categorically STUPID? Can I get an AMEN!?

What is the point of this post?  It surely isn't a blueprint for ridding the world of a Marxist slug.

It is to illustrate that if you wish to remain alive, and that means anonymous, you need resources.  You need cash for vans, uniforms, disposable weapons, disposable cars, disposable safehouses.  Not to mention you need to pay the bills for your wife.  If your wife is like mine, she is accustomed to eating every day and wants to keep it that way.  She doesn't eat much, but a steady caloric stream is a requirement.

Look around the III community, folks.  Look to the broader Liberty sphere.  Look to the Tea Party.

Those of you willing to be modern American Guerrilla Fighters - do you have the money to do it right?  Do you see anyone of means putting money into a bucket to finance such ops?

Even if you manage to finance Op #1 - what about Op #2?

I don't have an answer.  I'm just thinking aloud, with you.  I do not do kamikaze.

We have no infrastructure for a Guerrilla War that remains surgical and below the radar.  All we have is a bunch of guys who say they will get the work done, when it is time, with their deer rifles and the box of soft-points left over from last years doe season.

Yeah, I'm in a harsh mood.  That does not make my point less valid.



  1. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan. Sure, there are external facilitators... but most of them are dirt poor, and use what they have effectively.

    Would I be happy if one of the Koch Bros. built multi-million dollar facilities for Mosby, Culper, Max, DTG, JCD, etc? Sure I would. But I don't think it's a necessity.

    Look at all the unsolved crimes in America. As long as you're not a dumbass, these things can be done without a huge financial backing; time being the largest investment. Win the battle before you have to fight it.

    My two cents...

  2. As I have said many times and have pushed for years each militia unit is going to need a logistics officer. Someone who's primary mission is finding supplies and capital for the group to operate with. The resistance if one is ever needed must have the support of the locals to keep it viable as a unit. There really is no other way.

  3. K. Have you ever been to Detroit? I know 10 year olds who have the balls to kill- and they do. They don't need any infrastructure and neither do Patriots. When the day comes, what does it matter anyway? Men will do what they have to do. They always have. When I was in Central America, those men and boys did what they had to do, just as the Afghanis and Iraqis do. The world is still full of tough, mean, sons of bitches. Americans will have to harden up, adapt, and overcome. What? no more Dick Monalds, Taco Hell, Amer Idol or DWTS? Nope. Only pain, sorrow, and death. Start getting used to how the rest of the world has been living for centuries. Welcome to a "transformed" Amerika. Compliments of B O and his ilk.


  4. #1 Go to my blog and read the post about the TCB car. It's in the archives. It's a post built from my experiences - I smuggled weed for years from the Emerald Triangle here in California without an arrest.

    #2 I'm stating this from the start. I do not support the IRA, nor the Loyalists in Northern Ireland. I got no dog in that hunt.
    But I am willing to learn from both sides how they conducted guerrilla operations against each other and the British Army. There are several excellent books on the subject (if you can get past the politics) from former soldiers, Provos, and Loyalists. Read them. I'm currently reading 'The Dirty War'.
    Learn from them that's already done it, yeah?

  5. I really would not condone this type of action unless the target had some real blood on his hands. Guerrilla warfare needs to hit your enemy where it hurts and in ways he is not prepared for. A lot can be done without direct action as we used to refer to it. Watch for what your enemy needs and start taking it away and make their lives VERY painful.

    Two examples of Guerrilla warfare from the Revolutionary war are the Boston Tea Party and Indian style ambushes. The British didn't know how to defend against these 'Barbaric' attacks, they were used to lining men up on an open field and firing follies at each other until one side or the other simply didn't have the manpower to continue.

    That is how true Guerrilla Warfare is fought. Take your enemy outside their comfort zone and their training and decimate them.


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