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Sunday, December 8, 2013

1 week to Rightful Liberty in America

When I started writing several years ago at Kerodin.com, and ever since here at the blog, I have held that the place III Patriots will find their fight against Enemies of Liberty will be just outside their own front door.  There will not be enemy lines and formations as there were in RevWarI and RevWarII to which you will need to travel to find enemies.  The Enemies of Liberty are so prolific and entrenched in our society, all across CONUS, it doesn't matter where you live in America, you have parasites and Enemies of Liberty who are undermining our Natural Rights in your neighborhood, in your town, and across your county.

This is where and why Bill Nye came up with Local, Local, Local.  If every III Patriot simply takes responsibility for the Enemies of Liberty in his AO (defined in a post below and elsewhere, such as WRSA) then this problem, the primary problem facing America, will simply go away nearly overnight.  Look at your city, town and county.  How many elected people and how many employees earn a paycheck, and while performing their official duties, infringe your Liberty?  How hard would it be for you to make them stop their behaviors, one way or another?

It is that flippin' simple.  Voters you say?  Voters will simply elect another round of infringers?  Not likely, once the penalties for infringing Liberty are starkly exhibited and continually enforced.

Do you have a Mayor who is infringing your Natural Rights?  Does he endorse the War on Drugs or Guns?  Does he oversee the tax collectors and code enforcers who bring revenue into local coffers buy forcing your 9 year old to have a license to sell lemonade or for your wife to hold a yard sale?  Does he negotiate more and more of your tax dollars away in pension deals for retiring town/city/county employees?

Make him stop.

Make his enforcers stop.

Make the people in his building who issue the "authorizing paperwork" stop.

Local.  Local.  Local.

Do you even know who your Mayor is by name?  Know where he works inside that building?  Know his schedule?  Know where he lives?  Know where his minions live?  It isn't necessarily a matter of lamp posts and III nooses.  You are an American and you are his constituent.  You have a right to tell him what you think. 

Your Rights will only be infringed to the level you permit.

Aim small, miss small.  Local.  Local.  Local.

Here's another link on the topic at WRSA.

This is the FreeFor Battle Plan, for those who keep braying that we need a plan.  It is a simple plan.  It requires no national, coordinated command structure.  It simply requires Patriots across the country acting in the same manner.  Ridding America of parasites and predators who feed on our good nature and our treasure is not complicated.  If every Patriot were to move on D-Day at H-Hour, this could be over in a week.



  1. Alright, since June 6 is passed, let's pick a date for consolidated action. We can promote it far and wide and see what the taxeaters think of the build up to action day. Can you imagine the freak out the media will conduct as the idea spreads? Keep us posted.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes. I know them., they know me.
    Alea iacta est

  3. Yes this can turn into a plan. We all on one day, with a simple list of demands to our local gov. Demand a meeting which anyone who will listen.


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