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Monday, December 9, 2013

4GW? Oh please...get the fuck over yourself...

If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack. - Churchill

I have a particular affinity for men who use language powerfully, in short bursts that cut through the extraneous and illuminate the important nugget.  Churchill was such a man.

What is my intended role in WRoL/SHTF?  That's not ready for public consumption, yet.

I choose Churchill's quote above this morning because it is important to circle back to the fundamental premise of securing Liberty.  So many of our compatriots over-complicate the reality of the endeavor.  So many like to stroke their own Ego by invoking terms such as "4th Generation Warfare" as if it is some higher level of combat secrets only available to the most nimble and capable minds on the field.

Please get the fuck over yourself if this is you.

You pick up a rock, go outside, find an Enemy of Liberty, and crack his skull.  You go outside to your local convenience store with your sidearm and treat one of your local Enemies of Liberty as they deserve.  You and a few buddies go to their nest and lair, and burn it to the ground, while popping any who scurry from the flames.

This is not difficult, folks.  Don't over-complicate a simple procedure.  Don't fluff your Ego by pretending that only great minds who understand the nuances of 4GW are worthy of leading this counter-revolution.  Go find something Evil, and kill it.  That's it.  It is no more difficult that that.

There is no cavalry coming - you are it.

You will never get permission from those in power to cull their herd.

There is no law on the books that legally and lawfully allow you to kill criminal politicians who are protected by criminal Judges and Criminal Bureaucrats - except 2A.

Most of your neighbors will dime you out.

The people who will (and already are) giving the orders to murder you and your family are your neighbors.

You and your disposal are merely part of a day's work for these filthy animals.  Putting your family on a bus or railcar is nothing but a checkbox on a long "to Do" list in some bureaucrats hands.

If you do not protect yourself and ally with one or two of your neighbors who choose to avoid the Final Solution, you will die.

It can't happen here?

I am being hyperbolic and a drama queen?




  1. DUDE, that's not Mack Bolan, is it? I found a paper grocery bag of Don Pendletons masterworks when I was 12 in the trunk of an abandoned car. They were almost too strong a medicine for my formative years, but I drank, and drank, and drank them.

    Looking back now, I think that The Hobbit was more grounded in reality.

    1. Death Merchant - the cheesiest, bestest super-pulp-fiction-character-evah! ;)

  2. Sam,right on the money bro! LFMayor I loved Mack Bolan as a kid too! Sadly most of us are Not Mack,just a bunch of tired Freedom loving working folks. 4th gen Hell whats 1st - 3rd uh most of us are not war fighters. We may well be soon. So as Kerodin states keep it simple,kill the Enemy by any means possible!


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