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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A dead f'n Commie = a Good Day

Any Communist who dies of natural causes at 95 years of age is an insult to every scrap of goodness in the world.

Fugg'him, with a chainsaw, sideways.

Every single Commie fuck that dies a painful death with oozing filth seeping from his walking corpse is a reason for a party and a smile on my face.

Any chemist who can develop a toxin to kill Commie trash should earn eternal gratitude on Earth, and special treatment in Heaven.

Fuck a Commie.

Filth. Genetic filth.  May rats feast on their rotting guts for weeks before they die.  Alone.  Unloved.  In pain.

You think my position is harsh?

You'd better understand what a Communist will accept and tolerate for your death.  My solution for commies is downright merciful, compared to how they would see you die.  And they have proven it for more than a hundred years.

If you get squeamish at the death of a commie, you should step aside and let Men handle this problem.

I would cry at a single whimper of a good person who stubs a toenail.

I would snicker in glee at the most horrible, painful, lingering death of a Communist piece of genetic filth.  I won't torture the fuck - but I won't end his suffering, either.  I'll consider Karma at work.

Call me what you will.




  1. K - I'm sure you've been told this by others....you gotta quit sugar coating things. Tell us straight! :-)

  2. Kerodin, really? Excellent way to win friends and influence people. It is like saying Mother Teresa was a socialist. She had a lot of socialist ideas. However she also did a lot of good in the world and is loved.

    Nelson Mandela did have socialist ideas, during his successful revolution in his country and the communist were his allies. So what? He still defeated a fascist regime, is loved and respected the world over, was treated inhumanely and "kept the peace."

    Sounds like people who say "George Washington was an Oath Breaker (to the crown), a slaver, a white supremacist, a child rapist (by today's standard) and massacred Indians." His specialty in defeating Indians was to wipe out their bases of support by murdering all of their families and razing their villages. The Indians named him "the great Wife Killer." All true, but he did a lot of good also. We can choose to simply focus on the positive in leaders.

    Or Not.

    1. You are baiting me for fun, right? I get humor.

      Focus in the good regarding bad leaders? You mean like giving Hitler a pass because the trains ran on time?

      I just know you are funnin' me.


    2. No...that was Mussolini who made the trains run on time...and as far as Mandela not being a communist?

      As far as the analogy is concerned; apples and oranges. Mandela was a dyed-in-the-wool communist, lauded by communists, and upheld in life and death as a role model for other 'wannabees' to emulate in their own countries.

      My personal hope is that his soul rots in a burning hell for eternity along side Stalin, Lenin, Kruschev and other collectivist scum....

    3. Trainer: Thanks - all Liberty-infringing garbage runs together in my head after a while. ;) May they all share the same room in Hell, next to the furnace.

    4. Bard, like everyone else, I always thought the guy was a straight commie. But when I heard Kudlow (admittedly no philosophical giant) stress that he was an ANTI-Communist and someone confirmed it, I thought maybe I had it wrong. On this theory, he was part of some "anti-Communist wing" of the ANC.

      Then I checked some links from WRSA and followed the thread...it looks to me like he was no good, period. Ending collectivism like apartheid is a wonderful thing, but doing it by putting everyone in slavery, not so much.

  3. I doubt this post was about winning hearts and minds. It was about killing communists, how they would love to kill us and watch us suffer, and about asking ourselves how this one lived so long without catching a blood grooved utensil in the vitals. Great post K. Keep up the moto please.

  4. Everytime a Commie dies John Wayne smiles in heaven

  5. K,I agree,the world is better off without this idiot.Of Maobama thinks he is great,no surprise there.What a joke,flags at half mast for this prick.WTF???Hope to see you folks soon,over here.I am on Latah/Benewah line and we have 8 degrees today.Dress warm.Be safe and God Bless You.Molon Labe. Charlie Buck.


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