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Thursday, December 5, 2013

III CQB Video Refresher Online

HK about to snap my knee
The III CQB: Fight to your Weapon refresher site is live!

Our allies in North Carolina who took video and stills during the class we held at Brock's PatCon have sent us some outstanding content.  If you have been through the class and are looking for a refresher, here it is!  So far I have uploaded five techniques.  The videos are short, and show the techniques well. 

We have another 10 videos in the queue that I'll get uploaded over the next week.  Then we'll add more as they come in from Carolina.

FYI: The picture above is what happens if you try a bearhug on my wife from behind and she isn't in the mood - you'll end up on your back, with your knee bending the wrong way.  It happens fast.  Yes, there were groans and "Oh DAMN!" whispers around the class as they watched.  Then they got to do it themselves.  Putting your hands on one of the Patriots who went through my class would be a bad life-decision.

Holly and I are leaving for Idaho in the next week or so, and as soon as we get the studio open we'll shoot more techniques and add to our online library a couple new techniques each month.

The cost for access to the videos is $8/month.  When you sign up (there is a PayPal button at the site) you'll get a password on your PayPal receipt that will unlock the videos.  We'll change that password at least monthly, and send routine updates to everyone. 

http://IIICQB.blogspot.com is the site.

A very special Thank You to our wonderful III allies who took the time to shoot the class for us and edit the day into suitable clips.  Also, thanks to everyone at class that day who participated and gave the nod to keep their faces in the videos.


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  1. HK's much cuter than you are. I'll stand by my first thought - you married up.


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