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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Child taken from womb by social services

I do not remember a single headline about this during the timeframe in which it happened.

You want to know your place in the hierarchy?  Here you go.  This is how they think of us all.  This is how they will treat us all.

If we allow them to remain at the controls of society.

A million people calling a Zebra a Horse does not make a Zebra a Horse.  If I remain the last man alive who believes in Natural Rights, against every other Human Being alive, their numbers do not change the fact that I have Natural Rights.  They have the power to violate those Rights, but not the power to make Natural Law a fiction.

A reminder, folks.  "The State" and "The Government" are nothing more than collections of individuals who have chosen to band together and self-identify as .gov - whether "The State" or "The Government" abuse their power or not is a decision always taken by individuals, and supported by other individuals.  You want the problems to stop, you focus on the individuals who choose to violate your Rights.

Consider where the country would be right now if the individuals in the USMC or US Army decided to treat their oaths as do the individuals in Federal Government.  This is why the Officer Corps is being torn down and rebuilt - individuals who intend to continue violating your Rights intend to have like-minded violators at the controls of .mil.

Aim small, miss small.  One at a time.  Convince those who would violate your Rights that doing so is not free, and not worth the cost they will pay. 

There were individuals draped in the cloak of "The State" who ordered that it was acceptable to imprison this woman, forcibly sedate her, and remove the child from her womb by surgery, and then keep the baby.

Individuals.  And lots of them...

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  1. Sick story, flawless post. The additional tragedy is how many give a shit, let alone how many would do anything about it. "Hey, it's only one person."

    When this kettle blows, it's gonna be something.

  2. "You want the problems to stop, you focus on the individuals who choose to violate your Rights."

    Yep. Repeat that over and over and over. Hammer it into your head. I think that's the most important thing I have read in quite a while.

  3. If the Italian government really wanted to push this, and I hope they do, they should institute assault and kidnapping charges against everyone involved. A European arrest warrant should be effective in the UK!

  4. "You want the problems to stop, you focus on the individuals who choose to violate your Rights."

    "Yep. Repeat that over and over and over."

    I believe those statements by Sam and Kent are absolutely correct and 100% essential in the attempt to correct this mess.

    It is always about the individual, right Jim?

    1. Yep, thanks. I always saw a glimmer of hope because they could therefore change their minds. But damn, it's gettin' late.

    2. I try to keep hope alive. I tend to be a realist (my lovely wife calls it pessimism) and in the reality of our world hope gets thin.

      "I always saw a glimmer of hope..." Past tense? Maybe it is beyond "gettin' late" and is in the realm of "too late". Of course, the word "focus" in the above quote can have a variety of definitions.


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