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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cold Steel - aptly named

Patriots who have taken my "Oh Sh*t!" class have heard me say there are times that you simply find a way to shoot that S.O.B. or, preferably, hit him with a Chevy.

That guy in the picture makes my case.  If you've done something that puts you on his sh*t list and he's got that 'hawk in his hands and you are a law-abiding Californian (which means you are unarmed), here's what you do - assuming you can't just get on a plane and leave the state.

1) Start your Chevy.
2) Drive it straight into his house.
3) Come out shooting with everything you've got. (again, that pesky California unarmed thing hinders this approach a bit).

Then, you might have a chance.

But, probably not.  Because while Wirecutter's taking your head off, Charliegoddammit will be pulling your man-parts off, and Miss Lisa will be using calm, aimed rifle fire at whatever you present to her sights as you scream.

The point?  It's just best not to f*ck with some people.

Here's the link.



  1. Whew, you scared me for a second, man. I thought you were green-lighting me until I read a little further.

  2. Kerodin,


    Yeah' I got a lot of respect or Wirecutter. He would make a great Texan.
    We got few like him down here.

    'By the way, I may not have the type of Ax Wirecutter possesses, however I am fond of old American made hatchets. Much to my surprise when I father passed away, he left me an antique tool collection with several hatchets that are mid-twentieth century or earlier construction. The steel is rock solid American steel too, probably from old Pennslyvania steel mills and all the hatchets are razor sharp.

    1. And they'll last for generations more if the kids you pass them to take care of them. "They don't make 'em like that anymore" is a sad truth.

  3. i have a old winchester hatchet packed away somewhere
    wirecutter looks like a local guy around here

    livin to ride again


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