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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Plan: Let's keep it simple...

Is the Rule of Law dead in America?  92% of you say yes.

Is it time to respond in-kind?  94% of you said yes.

If Patriots went hunting tonight, would they have the Moral High Ground?  92% of you said yes.

Those are big numbers.  Granted, the people who tend to read this blog tend to be a bit more hardcore than most.  We tend to run-off folks who are willing to bend knee.  We tend to be Constitutionalists who like the way things were in 1791 when the Bill of Rights was ratified, and before the Federalists began gnawing at the edges of our Liberties.  We also have a modest percentage of regular readers who are Secessionists and true Anarchists (zero government, NOT "chaos"), and I think most of the folks in those two latter groups would find life in America more than acceptable if we managed to get back to a 1791 state of Liberty.

We are a very small group, numerically and by percentage.  Our little slice of the Liberty Movement certainly doesn't rise to the level of 3%.  I honestly doubt the entire "Liberty Movement" could muster 3% who would take arms and go to the Green and at the end of the day not try to impose their own brand of "freedom & liberty" on the losing team.  I know that my particular audience understands just how many "Patriots" think Social Security is a good thing.  Either you are for true Liberty or you are not.  You can't be a little bit pregnant.  Liberty is the same.

The map of I created shows the States I believe are truly Communist, right now.  (Please remember I am being loose with the word "Communist", using it as a label for Marxist/Leftist/blahblah/people who believe it is morally acceptable to take anything from one man and give that gain to another man via .gov coercion or brute force)  I don't mean that the respective States simply have Governments that are controlled by Communists, I mean I think the populace of each of these states is, in the majority, Communist.  They believe it is morally acceptable to take from one man and give to another via the mechanism of Government.

If I were to color Red every State that had it's Government controlled by such people, most all of the map would be communist red.  I don't think anyone can find a single state that has a DC Delegation that has a 1791 perspective, and I don't think anyone can find even one state legislature/executive/judiciary that has, or seeks, a 1791 perspective.  And now the big challenge: I do not think you can point to one single state that would have 1/2 or more of the citizen population in favor of a 1791 perspective of Liberty. (And I am including the notion that the slaves are as free as today, and women have the same Rights as today.)  ((Oh, and for the record, voting "Rights" is a state issue, and I do NOT believe everyone in the country has the "Right" to vote.))

You can test the theory.  Ask someone 2 questions, and you'll have your answer: 1) Should your neighbor be able to own a fully kitted attack helicopter and 2) Is mandatory social security good or bad.

You won't find many 1791 folks if you start asking those two questions.

Do our low numbers mean we should all just shrug it off, make life easier for ourselves and play their reindeer games, because we have no chance of ever recovering 1791 Liberty, something which so few want?  History tells us no.  History tells us that the world is moved by small groups of determined men who grind away for their goals.  Communism has been on the grind for well over 100 years, and they are very close to turning the entire globe Commie Red.

What we are missing, then, is a cohesive plan.  The readers of this blog may have a different idea of how to win than does the readership at WRSA or Sipsey or anywhere else.  Hell, there are large percentages within even this small community pulling in opposing directions.  I have a plan, and you have heard it before.  If every Liberty-minded American were to take the initiative when the time is right and follow the plan, we'd be back to genuine Rightful Liberty within a week.  Those who would be Masters would be begging for mercy or a one-way ticket out of the country.

The Plan: When the time comes, go find something Evil and kill it.  Stop when you are dead or Evil is gone.

It is simple and it is effective.  You know what is Evil versus what is not.  You know Evil versus stupidity.  You do not need any command & control hierarchy.  Simply go do your job as an American and find something that is infringing your Liberty or that of your Countrymen and make it stop.  When practical, empanel a jury of your peers and a Judge.  Do your best to steer people away from mob violence.

Remember, the original III Patriots did not fight for the Constitution.  They fought for the ideal of Liberty.  They had an easily identifiable set of targets - guys wearing red coats and people who gave aid and comfort to those guys in the red coats.  Afterall, it was the red coats that were the force projection of tyranny.  Stop the red coats, and you stop the tyranny.  Take out a tigers claws and fangs, and he's a kitty.

Nothing has changed...except the color of the coats.


Oh - why the Webley WG at the top?  Just because I have a deep affinity for that revolver and what it represents of Mankind.


  1. So Sam, what's going to be the tipper?

  2. I'm still looking at the economy, in some way, shape or form. Maybe it's a Chicago bankruptcy (They are in the news today, closing schools to pay pension plans), or some other catalyst that is economy-related.

    I've been watching gold advisers warning of $700/oz of gold in 2014 as a possibility. I'd watch gold as an indicator - if it hits the $850 level and continues down, I'm adding another deadbolt to the door. Once gold is as compressed as it can be, it'll be like the Big Bang - gold will rise in value to its true level, while all of the manipulated bubbles deflate and crash - stocks, housing, auto loans, et cetera.

    I think the economy will be the beginning, and when it snaps, Bad People have plans to pile on - perhaps .mil action in some new place far from home, riots in US cities as EBT goes down, perhaps even electrical grid down in some places (places where it would benefit the Regime - like places where people who might fight back live, so they have to worry about sanitation and food before marching off to RevWarIII.)

    So many variables.

    BTW - just waiting on Condor to ship me a few of the items you ordered, then I'll get them in the mail to you.

    Stay safe.


  3. Mr. Kerodin:

    One small fact to point out... Your informal, small sample poll(s) reveal 92%, 94%, and 92% of respondents. I'm sure you realize this, but those who read your blog regularly are (at least mostly) very supportive of the concepts you set forth. I tend to believe the very high percentages would plummet if the poll was more scientific - even if only among the prepper/survivalist/ Constitutionalist community...

    Plain English

    1. Plain English: Absolutely, and noted early in the article. The readership here has been sent through "filters" of sorts for years. The only Leftist/Marxist folks who come here do so to keep an eye on me/us for SPLC. 99.9% of the "NRA Crowd" and a higher number of the "Law & Order" crowd don't come here anymore. We got rid of the White Nationalist garbage.

      What remains is largely a collection of serious men and women who understand the concept of genuine Liberty, including the burdens it brings with it, and pursue that Liberty.

      You're quite right - expose this blog to almost any demographic sampling beyond this current audience, and those polls will not only drop to negative numbers, I bet I'd even get a few more death threats for my collection. ;)

      But I'll take being an outcast with a few thousand folks like you over a larger audience any day.


    2. "But I'll take being an outcast with a few thousand folks..."

      No offense, but that's easy. The far more difficult challenge is willing to be an outcast for what you know to be true and right, even without the thousand.

      Get a thousand together that have that much courage, and maybe things will change. Otherwise...well, you can figure it out.

      The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism. Anything else is a distraction, no matter how many say otherwise. This is true, and this is right.

  4. "If everyone sweeps their front porch, the world will be clean."
    Damn few people with the 1791 mindset you speak of. Whenever i start to talk that way people call me crazy and say i'll end up in jail. I say no thanks to jail. Most of the people i talk with agree on the problems but aren't willing or ready to "sweep their front porch".

    Also sorry to say i live in one of those "red states"


    1. Luke: Then you are deep in enemy territory. I hope you have a plan.

      Stay safe.


    2. Take solace, Luke. It doesn't matter where you live; it's the same everywhere. You've got the situation pegged right IMO.

      Though you might want to check the history a little more closely. This also began in 1791...


      ...and is a good example of what it means to be "crushed."

    3. JK: As I have said a thousand times - George f'd up when he let Hamilton have his ear versus Jefferson. It was the Federalist Hamilton who imposed that tax, thus my disgust for everyone of that day that did not slaughter them wholesale.

    4. Whose ear was it?

      You can have it any way you want, though. That's all history and we can't change it. I'm not a big fan of slaughter anyway, and definitely not wholesale. And especially not my own, so obviously I'm not the sharpest card in the deck.

      With only one life to live, I figure it's better to make history than read about it. I know what you want...you wanna live and thrive however you choose, just like any other sane person. The scam all along, was that the good might be something else. You still buy into that...a bit. I'm guessin' you'll adjust when you see FREEFOR collectivists, however many may exist, be every bit as rotten as any statist stooge. Worse maybe, cuz in war nothing tops treason.

      You two have yourselves a safe and happy New Year. They'll be telling stories about 2014 long into the future; let's make 'em good ones.

    5. JK: You continue to ignore the fact that I fully recognize there are "FreeFor Collectivists", such as Hamilton, and THEY ARE NOT FREEFOR. I say it here all the time, and I said it in this very article. I have said a hundred times that everyone reading these blogs, and everyone calling themselves "III" are not all on the same page, not on the same team, and many of them belong in the same ditch as Mao because they don't want real Liberty, they want "their" Liberty, and they want it imposed on their neighbors.

      I have no problem with wholesale killing of Evil, and anyone seeking to make me pray to "their" God or bend knee to "Their" King, or forcing me to pay for his iPhone, or forcing me to pay a tax on my crop because I use it for X instead of Y, is Evil.

      Evil may die on a vine or I can help it along, makes no difference to me, so long as it dies.

      But, do stop preaching about how I don't understand the difference between Individualism and Collectivism when you look back at an entire generation of people and throw them all into the same basket marked "Collectivists" yet make no distinction between any of them. Jefferson in Washington's ear versus Hamilton would have sprouted a different America from its seedling days. George had that chance and he chose Hamilton, and we suffer for it. George was the weak link, the weak mind, that permitted the nearly immediate perversion of the new republic, because he was unable to identify Evil in his own ranks and purge it (and I submit, there came a time when he believed far too much of his own press.) He was in over his head from the moment he was given command.

      They are the people Ben warned us about. Since people like Sam Adams and Jefferson chose not to finish the job by running off the Evil people who claimed to be Colonials (which would have meant raising an army against Washington himself), and every generation since has done the same except for right about 1860ish, we today must face the beast that will ALWAYS grow when vain and aspiring men are permitted at the controls of society.

    6. "Whose ear was it?" That was intended to mean that it was his, Washington's, and his alone. At least his own decisions were that. So I guess I understand that you take it personally.

      Sorry...you were just a handy example; I didn't mean to pretend I know all your thoughts. The only personal part I care about is that you have a happy new year, and so does everyone else.

      Well that, and exactly who you're proposing to permit to be at the controls of society. And then how long it'll take to happen. "How" would be interesting too, and we could write forever on the "why" of it, eh?

      Me, I'm goin' with this: http://noslaverynow.wordpress.com/

  5. Seriously JK, sometimes I wonder about you.
    Miss Violet

  6. JK always provides amusement for me...He always is spouting off about its all about individuals vs collectivist...I disagree its always been about good vs evil...We will never be able to get rid of evil only God can do that but we can keep it from flourishing...

  7. Thanks, Professor V. Lemme know if you figure anything out, cuz I'm near the bottom right now! Hey, lineman...I think that's agreeing and not disagreeing. "You wanna live and thrive however you choose, just like any other sane person. The scam all along, was that the good might be something else."

    Good versus evil...check. Besides, you can't possibly dislike amusement, even as there's plenty of work to be done.

    1. JK, even if I figured something out and told you, you'd only argue with me, so what's the point?

      Miss Violet

  8. Well you know what they say about being at the bottom you have only one way to go and that's up...Evil loves to dress in sheep's clothing so it can flourish without anybody seeing its true nature...They are now letting the clothing slip and people are getting a glimpse at the monster...Some of those seeing it are taking steps to deal with it the best they can and some are trying to hide from it the best they can...The rest are either cheering it on or trying to unsee it....Keep on keeping on JK...We all are going to end up back as dust its how we affected those around us that counts...I try and live my life in a way that doesn't cause unnecessary pain to those around me...That doesn't mean I don't offend anyone or hurt anyone's feeling or don't defend my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness...I try and help out when and where I can to make peoples yoke lighter...I look at it this way if those around me are happy in their souls then we are all going to live a better life...

  9. Thanks, lineman...I'm down with all of that. I'm the most altruistic hater of sacrifice that you're ever likely to meet!

    You come up with anything, Miss V, don't keep it a secret. I only argue that which I think is wrong, and you're very rarely wrong.

    1. Haha! Could you tell that to my husband JK?! ;-)

      Miss V


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