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Saturday, December 28, 2013

ComSec: Consider

There are 2 important caveats before this quick post on ComSec:

1) We have acknowledged that .mil and .gov own the electronic and comms pieces of the polygonal battlespace.  Short of OTP, one must remember Mister Franklin: Three may keep a secret so long as two are dead.

2) I am THE LAST guy to go to for reliable information on comms.

That said: One must consider that ANY device that is designed to serve as a receiver and transmitter and integrates ANY digital components that control functions, you MUST consider the possibility that your device can be compromised by .mil and .gov at will.

Your cell phone is compromised, and we all know it.  It pings your location even when turned "off".  There are rumors that even pulling the battery out of some new phones is insufficient to negate .gov ability to track that phone.

Your long-range radios: AM, FM, SSB, HF, et cetera, a great many of them, and almost all new units, are controlled with digital components. 

What makes you think that while it is in your rig (or in your hand or strapped to the strap of your backpack) in passive mode, that some techie can't ping your device and DF you in a few hot seconds, and drop a munition on your head?

I asked Dan Morgan the question, and he gave me a considered answer that all of you who are going to keep several types of comms gear with you must consider and weigh value versus potential cost.  That link is here.

Having said that, no - I am not put off diving into comms for several reasons.  First, if you have access and skills, you can homebrew a rig that doesn't use any electronics that make you vulnerable.  That should, to my limited knowledge, help make you safe.  Second, perhaps you can buy up some older tech radios without those weaknesses.  Third, I anticipate a WRoL/SHTF paradigm that will seriously degrade .mil and .gov ability and interest in chasing every radio or cell phone they are able to ping and locate.

I've purchased my ARRL study guides to test for Tech and General, for the same reason I'll be going for my Sport Pilot License, then general and rotorcraft certs in Idaho: The skills will be necessary in my lifetime and in the paradigm I anticipate for my life.

Keeping your head is your best defense, regardless of circumstances.  When you are buckle-to-buckle with a guy who is intent to gut you - the more calm you remain as you try to kill him first, the better.  Just because .gov has you on a list, meh.  Just because they can listen to your comms - just be sure to use appropriate protocols, such as well-designed OTP practices and trusted couriers and allies who don't get themselves compromised.  And if they are hunting you and using your gear, I'm sure you can think of a few ways to turn that to your advantage...


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