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Monday, December 2, 2013


Some will argue they owe nothing to anyone.  Some will argue they have no obligation to the Constitution - afterall, they never signed it or agreed to it.

Personally, I am absolutely in support of any individual who seeks to withdraw his consent and live outside the Constitution, so long as that chosen path does not infringe the Rightful Liberty of anyone else.  I also have no problem with any State that chooses to secede.  I have a problem with people who seek deliberate Balkanization.

But most of us do feel a sense of obligation to help restore the Constitution and the permissions and restrictions it presents upon the individuals in "Government".  I do.  Forget they "why" of it - I just do.

Obligation is one of the three sine qua non of Honor.

Defense Training Group offers words of wisdom on the topic, here.



  1. I hope to pursue this privately with Trainer, cuz it looks like a simple error and it's mighty important.

    A duty is an unchosen obligation, and there's no such thing. Period.

    ALL obligations are chosen. If you don't believe that, then tell me of an obligation that you have, that you didn't choose directly or indirectly. Just one will do.

    Now sure, one man can overpower another man and SAY there was an obligation in the other guy that he didn't choose. That's why we call it an IMPOSED obligation. But the act there is one of imposition, not obligation.

    No matter what anyone believes about obligation, it IS a cognitive, abstsract state of one sort or another. That's why other animals don't have 'em, even as we can anthropomorphize their "sacrificial" actions as if they did.

    Cognitive, abstract states arise exclusively through the willful cognitive abstraction of the organism. Period. Any denial of this plain truth should obligate--SHOULD obligate, not DOES obligate--offering at least one shred of evidence.

    That none will be forthcoming, proves the point.

    1. Jim - Of course fulfilling duty/obligation is a cognitive choice. If the person in question chooses not to fulfill an obligation, one could say that person betrayed the trust of the person confering the duty or obligation. And then, what does that say of the character of the person 'choosing' not to fulfill their obligation? Nothing very complimentary in my book, all things being equal.

      Hence, the birth of our current political class, to which I can say nothing complimentary.

      The whole point of the post was an attempt to get people away from the, 'me, me! It's all about me!' perspective and think about things they can do to help 'Team Freedom' or FREEFOR advance.

      There are some things more important than ourselves, in my opinion, which oblige us to certain actions and/or beliefs. Duty is one. Honor is another. Government by consent is also high on that list.

      Just sayin'..... :-) As always, I look forward to discussions with you.

  2. Hey, Alan...I knew from the start that you were brilliant, and especially honest. In this case, you may not even know how right you are.

    So which meaning? Will it be, "Something big is about to happen," or will it be, "Someone's gonna try to shove something up your ass."

    I can hardly wait to find out myself. T, this ain't about fulfilling anything, at least not yet. It's about what's there.


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