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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Fix...

I think most reading our blogs will agree that most of the Framers had a serious, working plan for governance in the Constitution they drafted and was ratified by every state.  America was born a Republic. She had given the elements of the Government both mandates and restrictions.  Make no mistake, had the room not been filled with Federalists  - and with Thomas Jefferson - the document may have approached a product of which God Himself would approve, without caveat.

The people most annoyed with the Constitution were the folks who sought monarchy and big Government, and even though they lost many Constitutional battles, they recognized the destructive potential that had been installed in the Judiciary by men who failed to properly assess the Evil intent of the Loyalists.  They began attacking by 1803 in Marbury, with claiming Judicial Review.  Then they famously "...retreated to the Judiciary..."

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, just as the new Constitution was spooling up.  Lincoln's father was of the Founding Generation, but I admit I have not studied Lincoln sufficiently to know what politics would be instilled in young Abe's mind during his formative years.

But in the time from ratification until Lincoln set out to destroy the Constitution and set the nation on a path that would lead to ruin in the hands of people like Teddy R. and ultimately to FDR, very few years had passed.  Lincoln was among the first people born in the generation of the Founders.  During his 53 year travels to reach the White House, how many people suffered at the hands of the Federal Government?  Not many.

Lincoln represented the first generation of people born after ratification.

It took one generation to dismiss Constitutional permissions and restrictions.

Most interesting: When did the General Public begin to recognize problems with the country?  I dare say the first generation of Americans lived well, lived in Freedom and at Liberty, unmolested by the Federal Government.  They prospered.

And then Lincoln chose to murder the Constitution. That's when it got real.

Even if we fix it today, how long will it take to begin the process of murdering it again?  History says a generation or so.  Will we teach our posterity to remain involved and protect the principles at all times?  Will we teach them it is ok to raid a violators office and drag him out of his home or office and hang him in the street as warning to his fellow politicians.

1) Fight to Restoration.
2) Purge the Continent of people who insist on infringing Rightful Liberty.
3) Empower our children to watch their politicians and be ruthless when transgressions occur.

If we teach our young the importance of killing people who dare to infringe the Rights of Americans (our failing the first time, if I were asked) - is moral, honorable, patriotic...

Then I will die having felt I have contributed something of value...



  1. A Bill of Corrections in the vein of the Bill of Rights will be necessary.

    But a war would have to be won first. As of the moment, only some confrontation has taken place with no engagement or fighting.

    The OpFor can win without firing a shot. FreeFor can't.

    1. Yep - and they are already imposing their will with more ferocity every day. FreeFor hasn't even swung back once.

  2. Will we teach them it is ok to raid a violators office and drag him out of his home or office and hang him in the street as warning to his fellow politicians.

    Doing so would be teaching posterity to violate the constitution in order to enforce it.

    Suggest accountability by enforcing the constitution using due process. Nothing says a future legislature could not provide swift and sure consequences for violation of the limitations on government enumerated.

    Just a thought....

    1. I do agree, and didn't articulate my post properly.

      In a world where the established Courts are still filled with honest people who follow their oaths, yes - use the courts.

      In today's world where no court will ever do the right thing in such circumstances, the rules need to be amended sufficiently to save the patient. Where we stand today, the average Judge should face the same fate.


    2. Well, yeah, sure. Where and when it can be done.

      I'm reasonably sure however that waiting and hoping that the current system will somehow rectify itself is probably not a rational consideration at this point.

      Considering that the majority of FreeFor is in the fifty and older crowd is evidence that the life of hardcore resistance is short. Not engaging reasonably soon will insure that the last door will close without so much as a fist being raised let alone a shot being fired. If that were to occur, Liberty will have one hell of a time coming back if that were to occur.

    3. "Liberty will have one hell of a time coming back..."

      Interesting reification...you make it sound like the morning commuter train!

  3. By future legislature, I wasn't talking about those career political creatures now inhabiting office; rather, I meant one that had been elected upon restoration, meaning those in office would not only understand their Oath, but act upon it.


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