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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Israel has taken advantage of a kickboxing opportunity where he is studying Krav.  I'll link his report below, it is worth reading for everyone, especially if you are serious about fighting for Liberty beyond the blogs.  In the real world, second place is usually death.  You'd better be as fit and prepared as possible.

In the decades I trained hard I would usually binge at least one week each month.  By binge I mean I would hit every class at every dojo within range, every day, from the 6am class through the 10 pm class - open hand, weapons, whatever was on the menu for the day.  True exhaustion arrives on Day One.  Day Two and beyond, you are operating on willpower, determination, and the most important part - your body begins to learn the techniques without your brain being in the way.  Your techniques become muscle-memory, reflex.  That is where true depth in the arts is to be found.  You have to find a way to get your brain out of the way - and one of the most effective ways to do that is to get on the mat when you are bone-assed weary.

If you have been through my CQB class,
you know one of these guys is about to
get choked right the F out.
Your brain is your biggest asset - and your biggest liability - in a real-world fight.  In the moment you take to analyze the punch coming at your head, by the time your brain tells your arm to block, you've been hit.  When you begin to train hard, you have the tools to train deep, in the muscle-memory arena of reflex.  That moment or two often is the margin between winning and dying.  When an enemy drives into your waist and you reflexively drop him into a guillotine, you win.  If your brain has to inform your body "Hey!!  We can get the guillotine from here!  Get him!" - well, he's already passed that opportunity and he's probably driven you to your back where real damage will begin.

If you undertake the hard work of learning real, effective CQB skills to augment your entire skillset, when you are able, drive yourself beyond exhaustion when you can, step on the mat when you are drop-dead weary, and let the spritely, well-rested partners in your class come hard.  This is the time to choose the biggest guys, the most talented gals, so you really burn that technique into your lower brain.

And don't limit your exhaustion training to CQB - when you are so tired you just can't stand yourself, grab your pistol or rifle and go shoot.  Want to add realism to this type of training?  Kit up, do some PT, then go shoot.  Very little beats exhaustion as a training aid.

Here's Israel's link.

Train hard, folks.  Most of your enemies are watching television right now...


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