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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How many times can Patriots make excuses...

This is the opening graf from a column out of Pennsylvania.  I underlined the important pieces to me:  A supposedly “voluntary” survey checkpoint run by a private firm in Reading, Pennsylvania on behalf of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy caused outrage when residents said they were forced off the road into a car park and coerced into giving cheek swabs as a result of an intimidating police presence.

...an intimidating police presence...

At what point does the guy with the CB call his Team and give enemy numbers, positions, and pertinent intel and muster for surrounding fire?  And at the first shot, our CB Patriot would pull from his stash box and go to work from inside -- until there were no more "...intimidated..." citizens.

Hearts & Minds?  Team Patriot Wins.

Tomorrow, Team Evil will paint a different picture -- but average Joe citizens will fuck up the State narrative when they tell the truth about LEO intimidating them and forcing them off the road.

Stuka Pilot has a quote on the side of my blog, where it will remain: Analysis by paralysis.  Don't get caught in that loop.

Folks, you would know better than I -- is there a working FreeFor element in Reading?

Here's the link.



  1. "Is there a working FreeFor element in Reading?"
    In my opinion, the answer is no.
    If I am mistaken, then any FreeFor local to this traitorous
    crime is certainly not playing their A game.

  2. Certainly, I have no operational credentials to brag about, but how much more in our faces does it need to be.
    Figuratively speaking, this happened within spitting distance of my backyard, behind enemy lines in the eastern blue dictatorship.


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