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Monday, December 23, 2013

Humility? Yeah, I understand the concept - but...

My Uncle used to tell me that nobody likes a smart-ass.

Anybody like to step up to the podium and remind us all of how III Arms was a scam, a failure, an ATF sting, a...whateverthefucktheysaid?

Anyone?  Bueller?

You know if you supported us - and so do I.

And for those of you who ran off at the mouth about how it would never happen: uckfay ouyay.


I guess my Uncle's little lesson never took.

Jim Miller of III Arms - thank you.  Founders of III Arms - thank you.

Supporters of III Arms - thank you.  Owners of III Arms weapons - thank you.

I don't need to continue.

You see the results.  Real III Patriots get work done.

Ready to order your III Arms AR or 1911?  Here's the link to Jim's page.



  1. No mag release button?


    I realize that slabside ain't done yet...

    Looks good!

    1. Oh, all the little buttons and widgets are extra... ;)

  2. There's 15hrs setting there. I've got a few more before they head out the door.
    Did you know you could wear out a file?!! (and I didn't even need to let it out in the rain, Dad!)


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