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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Citadel Blog

Citadel Update: All things Citadel are advancing very well, and in several areas much faster than expected.  There are businesses physically moving into the area, with families, and many more people have their target dates already calendared to be in Benewah.

Right now everything is essentially under the radar.  Of course you know Holly and I are leaving in a few days - the Studio is already being re-modeled even though we are still stuck on the East Coast wrapping up loose ends.  But we'll be able to get the doors open pretty quickly once we arrive.  We are eager to get there and help lay the ground for those of you who intend to follow, and to continue meeting the great people of our new home.

Per our list of goals presented on the Citadel website, our first priority is to get entrepreneurial III Patriots into the area and opening their businesses in the county.  At the same time, we want to prepare the mountaintop parcel for III Arms so Jim has a place to be when it is time for him to make the move from his current location.  So, if you are a III Entrepreneur, and your business will permit you to operate from Benewah, please consider making that move as soon as possible.  If you are retired and can support yourself, consider coming to the area now.  The one thing we do not want right now is for III Patriots who need jobs to move into the area.  Unemployment is high, and we do not want to take any jobs from anyone currently living in the area.  Our goal is to build and bring bounty, not to make it tougher for the family that already calls Benewah home.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee is currently undertaking the very daunting task of fleshing out everything we need to do to build a community from the wilds of Idaho, assigning research tasks, and getting our ducks in a row.

III Citadel Blog:  If you are an applicant, an approved applicant, or a III Arms Founder, we have changed a few of our communications methods.  The forum has been put into a holding pattern and all Citadel information will be delivered via the Citadel Blog.  As we are in a delicate phase of our growth, the decision was taken to close the blog to the general public.  If you are a III Arms Founder, an applicant or an approved applicant for the Citadel, you will need a gmail email address so that you can send a request to join the discussions at the blog.  Sorry if you hate Google and resent the need for a gmail account, but that's simply how it works.  Your identity will be verified against our database and if you have a legitimate right to be in the blog discussions, you'll be given access. 

I know some will protest.  "But what if I am thinking about joining and I want to talk to you guys for a while before I take the plunge?"  The Citadel official website (IIICitadel.com) has been live for more than a year, and while we need to brush up a few minor edits due to timelines, the information is there.  The Refund Policy is there.  If you want to access the blog and "test the waters", you can pay the admission fee, get into the blog, and if you don't like what you see, as long as you ask for your refund within 30 days, no worries, you'll get it. 

The simple truth is that we are not interested in debating the prudence of our venture, or whether or not we'll be droned, or simply harassed.  The Citadel Project is live, it is moving forward with considerable participation, and we have nothing to prove to anyone.

You will remember when the news of the Citadel broke on CNS News and was picked up by Matt Drudge, the attacks were savage, founded on smoke, because our detractors could not argue the project, they went ad hominem.  When we decided to sit with Glenn Beck on television, we put all of that silliness to rest.  The Citadel is not for everyone.  In fact, it is for a very, very small minority of Americans.  And even if it takes us years to build walls and reach our final goal, in the meantime we will have genuinely patriotic Americans coming to live together in the same county, covering one another's backs in all aspects of life.  That is called community.  That is what we have wanted from day one.  We are doing it.  And the media and haters - they don't get free access to our internal discussions just so they can harass us.

You will remember Ghandi's famous quote: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Well folks - they've stopped laughing.  The Nation indicated it is time to fight us.  And then, we will win.

So, jump over to gmail if you don't already have a gmail account, then go to IIICitadel.BlogSpot.com and ask for permission to join the blog, and help us take this project to the next level.  We have big work that needs to continue

Stay safe.


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