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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

IIIGear Update

Folks, just a heads up - if you ordered in December and have NOT yet rec'd your package, it is either on its way or will go out on the 26th.

I also have to ask a favor: Please hold off and don't place any IIIGear orders until we get to Idaho and get settled.  You can place the order, as long as you understand I simply won't be able to get it filled right away.  If I have it in stock, then I can ship it within a day or two of arriving in St. Maries.  But if I don't have it in stock you'll have to add delivery time from my suppliers - I won't have access to IIIGear email while traveling.

Thank you all for helping support III Gear.  As you know, there are no salaries at IIIGear, all revenue above the cost of your item is plowed back into the 527 and used to forward III goals. 

I have added SOG knives as 5.11 Tactical lines to the IIIGear lines.  Once we get set up in Idaho we'll place our initial orders, and I'll give everyone a heads up so you can get your order in.

Stay safe!

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