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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

III Entrepreneurs

I'd like to take a minute and hope to inspire a few of you to take one of your hobbies or skills and turn it into a business, especially if it benefits the Liberty Movement.  When people over at WRSA speak of withdrawing your consent and reducing your radar signal, they are speaking about disconnecting, as much as possible, from "the system". The best way to do that is to work for yourself - be a producer.

As I wrote a few posts below, I encouraged any radio/electronics Patriot to take the time to either build and sell a turnkey Comms widget, or offer it in kit form, or if legal risks are too high, to simply draw up a schematic and detailed building instructions, is doing a huge service for his fellow Patriots.  Such a thing would likely, literally, save FreeFor lives.  And if he makes a few bucks for sharing his knowledge, well - that is the essence of Freedom and Liberty if you ask me.

Odds are you have some hobby or skill that can help your fellow Patriots if you think about it a bit.

About a month or six weeks ago I put out the call for a modern version of the Liberator pistol from WWII - and two very serious, capable and motivated III Patriots are working together quietly to get it designed and into CNC language.  Such a widget could, again literally, save FreeFor lives.  One of those Patriots also has clever wooden widgets that I will feature when he gets them to the point he's ready to unveil. 

Do you like to work leather?  You know that you can improve many of the sheaths out there for decent blades.  The 'hawks I buy all have the same weak spot - getting the damned thing into action from the stock sheath.  Let your mind run outside the box, folks.

I know there are several very experienced auto mechanics out there.  Keep your eyes open for a deal on a 4x4 that you can bring back to life inexpensively, then add a few essential add-ons for a bug-out rig, and offer it at a good price.  You make a few bucks, and you help a Patriot raise his odds of survival.  Saving lives is no small deal.

Think about what you know, what you enjoy, and consider working on the side a little bit to help your fellow Patriots.  If it makes you a few bucks so you can add a few boxes of ammo to your preps, that is awesome.

Think about it.  I'll help you in any way I can.

To bring Liberty back to America, to borrow once again the words of BonnieGadsden, we all have to pick up and then pull the rope.

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