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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RePost: Idaho & Communists & More

K 17 May 2016: I decided to re-post this since it has recently been linked by a few sites.  I must admit I was wrong in this post.  Hindsight has demonstrated to me that Anarchists and Secessionists are NOT suitable allies in the fight for Rightful Liberty.  Their goals are incompatible with serious Human Beings.  Everything they do is at cross-purposes to recognizing a state of Rightful Liberty.  It takes a little while for them to show their true colors sometimes, but in the end they reveal themselves.

This doesn't mean they can't be useful - even the Communists among us can be useful if you handle them properly.  But make no mistake - the Anarchists and the Secessionists wrapping themselves in the cloaks of 'Patriots' are on the same evolutionary scale as Communists and deserve equal disgust.  Scratch the surface of any of them, and you will find a petty tyrant just waiting to be King.

What makes America strong is coast-to-coast and border-to-border unity under one republican system that respects the Rights of Englishmen, individual Liberty and Rightful Liberty, while respecting the ideals set forth in the BoR, especially the 9th and 10th amendments. We do not all need to be carbon copies of one another.  Each region in America is unique - but what binds us and allows that uniqueness to flourish is our common agreement that we are stronger together, covering one another's backs, without imposing our differences on one another.

Here's the piece: 

For obvious reasons we aren't going to post our departure/arrival dates regarding Idaho, though I will tell you that we leave soon.  Because of the assistance of so many of you, not only will we be opening a Studio, we will be opening a Studio worthy of a III first impression.  Thank you all.

I have been discussing timelines with an ally in recent days and we seem to agree.  I think I owe it to you as my allies and III Patriots to share my thinking on the topic.  I have discussed some of it before, so no need to go too deep.

This fight is between Liberty and Communism.  It is the same fight my grandfathers fought.  It is the same fight my uncles fought.  I had family from each group who fought with rifles in their hands as well as in the Cold War.  If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I believe we are simply in the End Game that Anatoliy Golitsyn warned us about nearly half a century ago.

But we were already thoroughly infiltrated and even the brilliant James Jesus Angleton was out-flanked by the Communists who had burrowed deeply into America.  Our moral rot was underway.  Our intellectual rot was underway.  Our Common Sense eroded with each generation.

If we win the coming war, Golitsyn will serve as cautionary tale for future Americans.

If we lose this war, future Humans won't know his name, or yours, any others who brought American Liberty into existence.  That's what Communists do.

The Cold War never ended, folks.  The Communists simply changed tactics and played on our own short-term demands from life and let it rot our guts from within.  They helped, to be sure - but we were eager partners in our own destruction.

Can a few thousand III Patriots win Liberty again, this time with well over 90% of our Countrymen standing against us, two nuclear powers seeking our resources - human and otherwise?  New York and California, for all intents and purposes already Communists states, are already building cities for their ideological allies who choose the AK.  Yes, the AK is a political statement in my mind.

While I appreciate the numbers represented on the polls on my right column and the intensity with which those of you who stand against Communism with me, I simply can't muster the energy tonight to update my annual "How many Enemies of Liberty does every Patriot have to kill for Liberty" metric.  

I wrote a post yesterday that depressed me.  I connected a few dots and concluded what seems obvious to me: We have a large percentage of Anarchists and Secessionists in our ranks.  They are not even a blip on the radar for the Communists.  (Please don't take that as me picking a fight - it is simply arithmetic). But, they do matter to folks seeking Restoration for this reason: Anarchists (most) and Secessionists (most) must work at odds against the Constitutionalist in order to achieve their stated goal.  The only way Anarchy or Secession can come to pass is if America fails - Balkanizes.  Then they can implement whatever plans they have (we'll just ignore that the Communists have their own plans for such groups - I think the military term is "mopping up").

The most dangerous time in American History for Rule of Law, DoI and BoR principles will be in that ugly period when we Balkanize.  That is the moment we will know if God still thinks America has any value left or not.  If we are lucky, there will be an uproar against any sort of Balkanization from local populations of Americans who say "F You - I'm an Ohio Native, my family has been here hundreds of years, I ain't going anywhere, and I'll be darned if some Georgian or Carolinian or Tennessean is going to tell me squat - I can tell DC to F*ck off just fine all by myself."

So, your Anarchist and Secessionist allies must work against you to realize their dreams.  They must work to tear down what we are trying desperately to save.

I have held for a long time that if we get back to a point of Restoration in which the DoI, BoR and USC are respected, most secessionists and Anarchists would drop their fervor because life in America under RoL and DoI, USC, BoR is a life that most Anarchists and Secessionists will find is as close as Heaven they will ever reach on Earth. Afterall, no individual Citizen can be accosted by FedGov under such a paradigm - and that is their biggest complaint.

Another Patriot I respect very much re-affirmed my thinking in the last paragraph.  He convinced me that distancing myself from such people would ultimately be detrimental.  While Anarchists and Secessionists may have their plans (and we know how God laughs at such plans) we Constitutionalists also have our plans, and walking the same direction as people who genuinely seek Rightful Liberty, regardless of how it is "enforced". is a force multiplier we can hardly refuse given our limited numbers.

When Liberty comes, Anarchism and Secession will take care of themselves.

Until then, we have a war to win against an enemy that has been fighting us for more than one hundred years, in Cold Wars, in proxy Hot Wars, in economic wars, and more.

Communists are the enemy, folks.

Let's kill every f*kin' one of them.  We have to win first.

As my ally said today, our job as Constitutionalists is to accept the Liberty efforts put forth by our Secessionist and Anarchist Allies and prove to them, by action, not so much by debate, they can have everything they want once we Restore the Constitution.

Maybe tomorrow I'll muster the energy to run the numbers.

Tonight I have some Citadel business that must be addressed, and I have a brilliant stack of reading material from one of the Citadel Steering Committee members regarding comms.

Stay Safe.

Kill Communists.  They are not Human Beings.  Killing them carries no moral burden.

They are inside the wire, folks.  Prepare to defend yourselves.  If you are serious about Liberty, I really don't think you'll make it to 2017 without a life/death engagement with a Communist on American soil.

We have a war to win.  First.

Sat Cong.


  1. K - I certainly don't speak for all secessionists, but one of the largest reasons I favor secession is because I believe Balkanization will occur. One problem that remains unsolved for a nationwide III% rescue mission is that of state and national debt. The nation and states either default, or the next five generations will STILL be paying taxes in order to pay it off. At least with secession, we can have a clean sweep - the states simply keep their manageable debt (ID and WY both have clean books).

    I've thought A LOT about your One Week plan, and you've almost won me over, were it not for all the loose ends. I know you don't want to debate on this blog so we can have this conversation elsewhere. I would, however, like to hear your answer as to what we do with all this debt.

  2. One other question I have, legitimately and I won't argue any point you offer, is what happens when UN Forces get here (aside from the obvious)? I assume that they'll help the regime pacify FreeFor positive regions, and then you've just doubled the volume of targets. What do you do with all the politicians who flee office, or who meet worse fates? Special elections? Where's the money coming from? The organization? The security? Who controls the power vacuum and how do you ensure it's not Cong from other countries? I have a ton of questions, so I'll just send them to you offline.

    1. I am afraid Balkanization will be an immediate byproduct when things go hot, delineated in the opening hours/weeks y major metro areas and the vast swathes of areas that are comms-down. At that moment if we start separating and erecting walls, we'll never get back to the power on the national stage we have now, we won't have interstate commerce we have now, etc.

      As for elections and people who flee for heir lives from office - FreeFor will step in temporarily until electons can be had, Since there will be no tax revenue, services will be minimal from .gov (defense primarily) the biggest chore the new town mayor will have is disbanding his standing army (LEO) and selling all their toys to local citizens.

      As to debt, I think I might even win Bill Buppert on this one: Our debts were created in bad faith with money that was stolen. The USG owes you money, get in line and hold your breath. Everyone is taking a haircut, from social security to pensions to the Chinese. If they want to get pissy about it, too bad. Continuing to steal money to pay debts that neither you or I agreed to pay is not going to happen. FedGov has a few assets it could sell, like foreign bases, to help our seniors and poor until private charity kicks in, butbond-holders - fugg'em - they knew they were buying worthless paper stolen from future generations, and we are going to put n end to it.

      Our .mil will remain afloat and Air Force will stay in the air - no foreign .gov will dare head for our airspace.

    2. UN will unify this country to the point that even the deer hunters will get nasty, Nothing like a catalyst to rally around the flag.

    3. "Unification" is one of the UN's specialties - Just ask the people of Ukraine, Kosovo, or Somalia...

      Everyone. Unified. Under an equal burden of despotism and misery. Worldwide.

      The UN Charter, in so many fancy words, takes upon itself to destroy the sovereignty of *every* nation on Earth, towards the end of a global government of which the current UN is but the seed. The UN attracts tyrants like spilled sugar attracts ants. And like the ants, their purpose is to devour, bit by tiny bit, everything free and independent in the world.

      There are but three kinds of men in the world -

      Those "free thinkers" who love new and novel things so dearly, that they continue to love them even though they are proved to be false, and even still when they are proven to be a scam;

      Those earnest and diligent in their examination of "new" things who, remembering the words of Ecclesiastes, adhere to the truth that most all things "new" are but innocently repeated errors; and that the vast majority of the remainder are errors promoted not in innocence, but with malice and an eye toward personal profit.

      Lastly, there are those souls, too busy wringing new pennies out of old stones to take notice anything which might be truly be "new"; too dense to contemplate the fact or nature of "newness" itself - either in principle or in any particular material instance; and too mean to give a damn either way. For them, "new" is simply a tool of deception.

      Those last are tyrants and megalopaths such as we currently see in power throughout the world - in government, in business, and also in most organized religion.

      They are aided by the massive cohort of petty, B-Grade tyrants which compose the bureaucracy, most of middle-management in business, and which also ***saturate*** the ranks of organized "charities" - that is, businesses which claim to help the "underprivileged" or "special" after whatever fashion, while spending most of the monies they collect on their own salaries and benefits -
      ALL are equally worthy of destruction - both the individuals themselves, and the organizations they compose.
      ALL are corrupt beyond any hope rectification or recovery. Period. To think otherwise is to join the first group, who believe that adding something "new" can fix something old and corrupt.

      The first, those gullible souls who suffer an insatiable infatuation with "newness" equaled only by their own corrupt self-love - are the "useful idiots" who dine regularly upon the banquet of deception continuously offered by the last group. Their fate, when it comes, is well deserved, and for them I hold no pity.

      But those in the middle group, though the smallest by far, are the hope of humanity and the engine of it's earthly salvation - they are too busy with productive pursuits to obsess upon the prerogatives of others, and they understand the value of liberty by it's positive effects upon their own lives and endeavors, therefore they have no more desire to burden others with arbitrary and capricious limitations than they desire to be burdened by such themselves; and when they do contemplate the condition of others, it is within the context of contributing to their community by answering its legitimate and extant needs, rather than contriving "needs" in order to extract benefits from the administration of useless activity funded by the public purse.

      Ever has this been the state of humanity, and nothing short of Christ's Return shall change the dynamic in which we find ourselves mired. Only the names of the people and their "movements" change, to maintain the air of "newness" upon which the evil and ignorant thrive, each after their own perverse fashion.

  3. Money is not wealth. Money comes from the Fed; wealth comes from production. Because of this, in the long run FREEFOR has nearly complete control of the nation's wealth. It's almost a secret because most individuals partial to FREEFOR don't even realize it yet. But you can rest assured, Govco and the FSA know it.

    The real challenge is managing to make it to the long run.

    1. JK, you've hit the bullseye, sir - FreeFOR is composed of those who produce, and true wealth is obtained **ONLY** by producing that which is useful and desirable.


      Our nation will not recover until the damnable usurers receive their Just fate.

      And even if that leaves only a small remnant, who can argue with Justice?

      Certainly and repeatedly, we have all been warned...

  4. I'm with Kerodin on the debt thing. Who cares about it. All parties involved knew of the risk and the fraud. Screw the banks, bond holders and the foreign countries who have helped ruin this country. China for one would have no real economy without the USA buying all their cheap made bullshit.

    WE are all to blame for the shape this place is in. Just hope we can turn this sinking ship around in time so my children won't have to.

    Mike M.

  5. Yep. End the extortion racket (taxation) and the kidnapping (victimless"crimes") and this anarchist will have better things than politics to do.

  6. the AK is just a weapon, and a weapon can be used to destroy ones enemies.


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