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Friday, May 13, 2016

WaPo: GOP is Dead!

WaPo has been offering the GOP all sorts of helpful advice over the last months, generally centered around how the Republicans can save themselves if only they'd dump Trump.

So nice of the Commies at WaPo to care so much...

Here's PJB's take on it.

Donald Trump is no Constitutionalist - we've said it before and will do so again.  We despise choices that box us into corners where we must choose the lesser of evils.  That said, Donald Trump is hitting many of the right notes in his courtship serenade.  The Wall. Deporting illegals.  Trade balance.  Withdrawing from the wars of the world.  Handing a bill to countries (most of them First World countries like Germany and France) for the security blankets we provide.  These are all America First concepts, deserving of support by anyone who loves America.

Of course, flirting with the voters is what campaigns are all about.  Will he keep his sweet whispers if he makes it to the Oval?  Only time will tell.

This much is certain: Hillary is imploding.  Fully 1/3 of 'reliable Democrats' are talking about switching for Trump in the General - this would be the remainder of the 'Reagan Dems' still in the D party.  The stars are aligning against Hillary.

Barring a Republican coup against Trump, and barring a really, really significant October Surprise (and an indictment of Hillary for the email server) - Donald Trump will be the next POTUS.

I'm not saying I am over the moon at the thought of a President Trump.  But I am not sleepless over the prospect - and I am damned sure happy at any notion that we never have to utter the words 'President Hillary Clinton'.


  1. Has anyone noticed that TSA are doing security screenings at Trump rallies?
    Will this be the norm? Any large gatherings will bring out the TSA goons.


  2. I hope sir that your prediction is a fact in Nov. 16...

  3. Tonedeaf, they were doing this for both candidates in 2012 also, although OhZero's screening and protection details were far larger than those of any of his oponents.

    Fact is, that since the 2008 General Election, NSA has been monitoring farcebook, shitter, and other major SM sites for any declarations thst someone was going to be at a political rally, convention, or other mass event, and correllating that against their past postings and other data and metadata about the person, in order to identify "potential threats" to candidates and their staffs.

    There is no such thing as privacy anymore, and that is ten times more true if you use "social media" as a means of communication. Period.

    Hell, we were getting intelligence derrived from cellphones and other electronic communications durring "the surge" in Iraq in 2004, so the apparatus for mass processing of such data has existed at least that long (and I believe it goes back much further). Why do you hink they wanted a GPS internal to every cellphone and other "cellular communications device" such as tablets and OnStar vehicular devices? (Which has been requred by US law for all cellular devices sold since 2006) So they know where you are (and by correlation who you are with) when you engage in any electronic communication.

    With most current devices, NSA is able to turn you mic and camera on without your consent or knowledge. (Of course, they first have to trick you into taking an "update" to your device which gives them this control, but they have been deploying false cell sites which do this - among other things - for years, so if you live in or near any major metro, it likely that your phone is under their total control)




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