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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Welfare for the Unemployable

Have you ever noticed how many civil service jobs, whether Fed, State or Local, are filled by former .Mil?  I'm not talkting about the genuinely skilled .mil vets who go to work for CIA, NASA, or even the guys who go to the Post Office, a Constitutionally recognized legitimate function of .Gov, et cetera.

I'm talking about prison guards and support staff at prisons.  Parole Officers.  Social Workers.  Mid-level functionaries in bureaucratic havens.  I'm talking about the guys who take $60-$80k positions at VA and never heal a single vet.  Guys who couldn't make $40k a year at a private sector shop.  You know - the guys and gals who couldn't get hired sweeping floors in a private sector warehouse.  

Serious .mil vets all remember the little cliques of their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines - 'that group' who never achieved anything more than basic proficiency, never put in a smidge of work that wasn't required, always looked for ways to cut corners, and always had a lot to say about the guys and gals who achieved and advanced on merit versus time-in.

In the early 2000's a study was done that found 80% of public school teachers in America came from the bottom 50% of their graduating classes in college.  Becoming a teacher had devolved into a welfare program for the otherwise unemployable slackers and mental midgets produced in American diploma factories.

One of the biggest problems in America today is that Civil Service has become another such welfare program, this one geared toward .mil vets who simply aren't employable in the private sector where merit and skill are required for a paycheck.

Next time you interact with a civil servant, consider if he is simply another welfare recipient.

The litmus test - could that same person make the same money doing the same job in the private sector?

Reality is a bitch.  And if you resemble these remarks - go get a real job and stop suckling the taxpayer's tit...

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