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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Maintaining Course & Speed

2016 is off to a great start for the III Percent.  Our annual internal review last month shows this website climbing once again in year-over-year stats.  III Society is up again this quarter in new memberships, and all of our projects, including the III Tour, are progressing smoothly.

Because of the III Tour and the time/resources it requires, in addition to the great work being done by the folks at III Arms, this blog and our network of III blogs and sites will remain at status quo through the fall of 2016.  There simply are not enough hours in a day to continue growing our online presence at the same rate as last year, if we mean to maximize the full potential of the III Tour and III Arms, as well as the other III Projects currently underway. Additionally, of course, our non-III businesses require considerable attention each week.

Readers here can expect 1-2 posts a day, 5-6 days a week.  Readers at our other blogs and sites can expect the same level of posting/updates as you've seen so far this year.  As noted, our print publishing vehicles - newspapers, books, et cetera - are taking center-stage for the summer and fall.  You can expect several III-related books (a few have been discussed informally in public) in 2016, as well as the National Gazette and our local newspapers to continue. 

Our online media network consists of 165 blogs and 150+ Top Level Domains.  Only a portion are dedicated to III activities, and we thank all of our participating writers and readers for your continued support.

I know our III readers have expressed, time and again, disappointment about the lack of commentary on daily political events that affect the III Percent.  Our position: I have commented on every aspect of the issues facing the III Percent for just over five years - repeatedly.  I can only say the same thing X times before the redundancy is overwhelming. 

That is the good thing about having solid Principles - perspectives and remedies rarely change.  As a group, Liberty Forces can talk for years and years on end and never accomplish anything tangible - which we have seen in the vast breadth and depth of 'The Community' - or we can set tangible goals in the real world where action is the measure of success and failure.  This site has always been about action - and we will not get caught in the same mass circle-jerk one sees elsewhere.  

You can choose to Camel Toe yourself to death, or you can choose to engage the 'Constitution versus Anarchy' argument one more time, or you can call racists your 'Brother' until you are old and your children and grandchildren are in chains - or you can get to work.  The choice, as always, is yours.

See you all on the Tour!


  1. Will there be an itinerary posted? Are you coming to Nevada, Arizona or California? Thanks!

    1. Idaho and Wyoming are next. Give us some suggestions - we'll do our best to come to any AO where serious Patriots are active.

    2. Idaho and Wyoming are next. Give us some suggestions - we'll do our best to come to any AO where serious Patriots are active.


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