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Sunday, December 15, 2013

III Arms 1911 Slide

Just a reminder as you look at that 1911 slide above cut by Jim Miller at III Arms...

...we get the work done.

When we set out to accomplish tasks for Liberty, we get them done.

Look at the post below, please.  We need some of our Patriots who are able to dig deep to help us get an important task accomplished.

Only one III Patriot has replied thus far.

One III Patriot to carry all of that weight.

He should not be alone.  He should not have to be left to carry this on his own.

I know a few of your can help by pitching in $5K or $10K each.  This Patriot is looking at carrying the weight all by himself.  You should help him carry the load.  Holly and I will do all of the labor.

We will hang together...or separately.


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