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Saturday, December 14, 2013

...quit peeing like a puppy...

How do we do it?  The Washington DC Model - which is 100% effective, by the way - is to reach out with a fear letter or a tear letter (sad letter) and ask for donations so they can work against the Evil that threatens the very existence of America.  Babies will starve to death if they don't donate today.  The Evil D's or R's (depending who writes the letter) will win the next election if you don't send $1000 right away and if they get power we are all in for generations of oppression. 

I am bone-weary tired of spinning wheels and having no resources to get Patriot Events going. Every time we have asked for donations to help with this task or that project, we have had outstanding support.  But let's face it, the economy in beating us all!  We have to get some of our heavy hitters in the game.

Do we try that? Do I slip on a Republican coat and write a fundraising letter invoking 2A, the evil UN, the diabolical Valerie Jarret (Darth Vader) and how she ritually skins puppies alive and is coming for gun owners next?  It will coincide nicely, by the way, with a III Arms ad.  I have a legitimate 527 that can accept such funds immediately.  I can draft such a letter, and my wife knows the people to whom such a letter should be addressed in the DC Metro area.  We've done the Embassy/cocktail party circuit ad nauseum.  I'd have to make the 527 website a bit more mainstream. It'll take me about 2 days -- we have buzzwords all over that site that scare mainstream voters who send mainstream checks.  We'd have to camo-up and look mainstream Republican.  Vomit later, this is hardcore politics.

We could use the old Communist standbys -- robbing banks and citizens for the good of the Revolution.  We could all go out hunting drug dealers; they have an intel/security/E&E protocol that will make the average graduate from the Farm humbled.  We could Dohrn a college and become a professor, but that is not my style, and I assume it is not yours, either.

Here's what I propose:  A proper political fundraiser in the DC Metro with a chance to return 6 figures in donations has to reach out to 25,000 serious 2A Republicans.  You can see I've done this before. 

The "Right" way to do it: You first appeal to the emotion of the constituent through the content of the letter.  This is something Holly and I are good at doing.  The second essential element is to target the proper group of Republicans.  Say what you will, but the NRA/JPFO & GOA Republicans care more about 2A issues than anyone on the field in Washington, except for the Liberty Movement.  Since we are sending to NRA Republicans while wearing Republican cloaks, this makes sense.  Therefore buying the proper list of politically active, Gun-owning NRA Republicans is essential.

Targeted Ad Lists are not cheap. 

Next, the proper way to send a proper fundraising letter -- and where most amateurs go off the rails -- is by sending an emotionally uninspired letter on plain paper with standard #10 envelopes.  That is the kiss of death. You want your recipient to feel special from the moment he finds your envelope in his stack of daily mail -- this means quality linen envelopes.  That will get you pass the circular file and get your envelope opened. 

Then your secret weapon is revealed: Your fine linen envelope is matched with a fine linen piece of letter paper, folded just so, and then sealed with wax and a wax seal that say "2A" or something equally patriotic.  This is a personal touch that simply can not be duplicated.  You have already convinced the reader that you consider him to be special, an essential warrior in this fight for 2A and Liberty and the republic.

Then he reads your entreaty to send assistance in the hand addressed return envelope

He is not sending a check or credit card number -- he is helping to save the republic from the existential threat that is the axis of evil: Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Jarrett, Michelle, Hillary, et al.

Final cost: Postage ain't cheap -- round up to $.50 per piece.  But since we aren't delivering to every household on a route or zip code, savings will be minimal.  We'll get a discount in some cases.
Paper, envelopes, stamp, wax and list will run upward of $10K.  And because of the personal time involved in hand stuffing, sealing with wax, et cetera, you can't expect everything to fly out the door in a matter of days.  Holly and I will invest the labor.  We will have time as soon as we get to Idaho and the construction guys are doing their thing on the Studio.  It'll take my guy in DC a week or so to cultivate the perfect mailing list, get paper ordered and delivered - the timing works if you guys say Go.

The cost of getting this done is not cheap.  It is not going to get done by asking III Patriots to send in $5 and $10.  Make no mistake - the $5s & $10s are essential, but they will not get it done.

It is going to take some of you serious Patriots with personal businesses and resources digging deep, in addition to the $5 and $10 requests.  It is going to take you guys that own your businesses, who have retired, who live a lifestyle that is above the average III Patriot to get this done.  It is that simple.

The Numbers: The potential RoI is a number no professional fundraising group will put out there, because they want to work again and if things go sideways, they eat it.  But I will go there because I am not working for anyone but you.  I am not running a K Street consulting firm.  If we send to 25,000 DC Metro NRA Republicans and strike their emotional buttons, we are looking at well into the $200k-$300K ($600,000 is a more realistic RoI, based on a mere average of $24 donation per respondent) minimal range of RoI based on typical Republican math formulas.  That is money in the III coffers that is with a capitalization of $22,500 and with me and Holly doing the labor free.  A DC Consulting firm would not touch this contract for less than $100K, just as a frame of reference.  In the world of DC politics, we are playing way below the minor leagues.

Why would Holly and I agree to invest what is going to turn into literally 250 hours of monotonous labor?  I think we have proven our bona fides.  Our life is Idaho.  The Citadel concept needs merely 3500 families to be a raging success,  to give jobs to every resident of Benewah County and to have our families safe.  If that means we stuff envelopes, we will stuff envelopes.

I have met several of you III Patriot who can do this.  With the push of a button you could buy everything we need to reach out professionally and personally to 25,000 potential allies.

Incentive: I'll make a deal with you - if we hit our $22,500 goal and ship our mailing,  every person, whether you donate $5 or $5,000 will get your investment back. 

Incentive two:  If you are THAT III Patriot who is able to underwrite this project with the press of a button - if you donate the $22,500 by hitting the PayPal Button, not only will you receive your investment back as soon as contributions match your donations (Double your money) I bet Jim Miller would build you a One-of-a-kind MM-15

Here's the button - make it happen, folks.  We simply are not putting any cash away for gear or ops.  Our Enemies have a plan, and they are implementing it right now.


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  1. [Typo on the last word.] In case you're not aware, USPS has a program where you can target every address on a route, as opposed to zip code. Much fewer, much cheaper; I think a special rate to boot. I'm guessin' a bunch of your target audience live on very definable routes...the ones right behind the gates!


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