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Monday, December 16, 2013

III Citadel Blog & Forum

OK folks - it is time for a change regarding the Citadel Blog & Forum.

The Forum is going on hold for a while.

The Blog is going Private.  That means if you are an Applicant, a Member (an Approved Applicant), or a III Arms Founder you may apply for access to the Citadel Blog (iiicitadel.blogspot.com) and they will be granted access.

Not a paid applicant, an approved resident, a III Arms Founder, no access.  This is our community.  We are receiving requests for television deals, MSM news articles, and they simply don't need to know anything more than we choose to make available.

I have mentioned for quite a while that there is a LOT of activity taking place under the radar regarding the Citadel.  Much of that activity is not yet suitable for public consumption.  If you are granted access to the Citadel Blog, it is with the Gentleman's Agreement that what happens in the Citadel World, stays in the Citadel World.

If you have been watching some of the informal polls on the right side of my blog, you know we have entrepreneurs, medical professionals, pilots, and blue collar folks all moving toward Benewah.  You know that H and I are arriving in the very near future to get our Studio up and running.  We've told you several families are currently in various stages of moving home, hearth & business to the county.

It is time that we impose strict information controls on the details of what is happening under the hood.  Our intent is to bring jobs and goodness to our new home, and the media and the blogosphere have not been kind to our future neighbors.



  1. Sorry to hear you are going silent to the public. As a Canadian I do not qualify for the Citadel but wish you well.

    1. Thanks, Denis. I know some supporters will be bummed, but we are launching several aspects of the project over the next 4 months that we simply don't need the media getting into.

      Thank you for your support. Keep an eye out for occasional updates here - and I "know" you'll be seeing us on television and print media again. ;)



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