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Friday, December 6, 2013

III CQB Refresher - UPDATE

**UPDATE**  I have added a few more vids to the CQB site.  We have 10 online at the moment.  Remember that I call my Fight to your Weapon course my "Oh Shit!" course.  If you get to the point that you must use the techniques taught in my class, you have already violated every rule you have been taught by Max, Bracken, Mosby, JC Dodge, and every serious weapons/tactics trainer out there.  You have dropped your guard and let an enemy too close.  Your situational awareness was garbage.  Jeff Cooper is spinning in his grave.  The only exception is when your position is over-run in combat.  Work hard to make sure you never have an Oh Shit! encounter, folks.  And if you find yourself in such dire circumstances, there are no rules.  Life or not life will be the outcome.  Nothing else.

I encourage you to sign up for the online refresher.  Even if you haven't taken the course yet you and your Tribe can watch the techniques and train together.  Nothing beats having an experienced teacher on-site helping, but until I can get together with you and your Team, anything is better than nothing.

Here's the link.


Here is a sample video from the refresher course offered at the CQB site.  I decided to use a BlogSpot site so we could talk about techniques.  I'm going to post a few more very shortly (tonight).  The web service costs me $80 per month, which is why I am charging a small monthly fee for the videos.  I don't want them populating the web, so the service has a lockdown feature that I like.  (**NOTE**  The full-screen image quality here at blogger is much lower than at the CQB site.  I think Blogger deliberately lowers the quality of the video to save bandwidth.  So the video quality at the CQB site is much, much better, because it isn't blogger that is feeding the videos - they are being fed from a 3rd party site.)

Train, folks.  Remember that CQB is a tool to buy yourself a second or three so you can deploy a weapon or run like hell.  If you engage enemies, eventually you will find yourself within touching range.  They may over-run your position.  Your team may over-run their position.  You could stumble into them quite by accident, and they could stumble into you.  Or your guard could be down and you suddenly have someone putting hands on you or putting a muzzle in your face or ribs.  That pistol on your hip is NOT a magical device.

Training will bring your Tribe/Team closer together.  It will make you stronger and safer.  It will make you more physically fit and it will make you more realistic regarding combat - it is an ugly, dangerous business, never to be taken lightly.  If possible, get yourself into a serious studio as several III Patriots have done.  You aren't trying to become Bruce Lee, you are simply adding to your skillset.  Please don't take the position that CQB simply isn't in your paradigm because you'll simply shoot the bastards.  You are denying reality if you think shooting the bastards will always be an option.

Don't do what I did.  Many of you see that I am scrambling to get a grip on comms - something I never bothered to dive into because it did not fit my anticipated paradigm.  I was wrong, and being up to speed at least at a rudimentary level of long-range comms is something I must accomplish before SHTF.  It was stupid on my part.  Fortunately, we have a community of VERY skilled people, from comms to small unit tactics to spy tradecraft to medical, who are willing to help one another - so if you are weak in ANY area, please try to get a working knowledge on the topic.

Here's the link to the CQB Fight to your Weapon site.



  1. I would like to add that these videos will offer two great features. 1) If you already took the III CQB class and have a bad case of the "forgets".
    2) If you are new and want to learn some basic comabtives to add to your arsenal of weapons. Remember folks, before clubs, stones, spears etc, it was our hands. Learn to use them proficiently.

    I would also like to add that if you have not taken the class and decide to watch the video and "try this at home", then be VERY careful. These moves if done at any other speed than 1/2 speed will jack your Patriot buddy up fast. 1/4" and their knee or elbow could be broken. Dont be stupid, use common sense and slow the movements down. Even in Krav Maga training we dont actually go for the "kill shots" with our hands, knees or elbows. If your locking your partner up and they are on their tippy toes, chances are you are about to break "X". Also, learn to tap and respect it. This aint no fucking joke and shouldnt be taken joking while doing these moves. Was the class full of laughter and smiles? Yes! But when it came time to "go to work", we were all as professional as could be.
    In Liberty,

  2. +1 to what Israel said. And just because some of these techniques look simple, it doesn't mean they won't jack you up if you're not careful while practicing them...


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