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Friday, December 6, 2013

III Arms Minuteman-15

We have decided to limit the number of raffle ticket sales to 125 to keep the odds good for everyone who enters to win the final original Founder's Edition Minuteman-15 AR built by III Arms.

Also: Jim Miller has a small quantity of III Arms rifles built and ready-to-ship, right now!  He's got a very special Christmas price on these rifles of only $1,250!!!  All you need to do is touch base with Jim, pay him and give him your FFL's information, and he'll ship the rifle out to you.  I think he is even willing to add a paint job of your choice if you want it, but you can plan on a bit of extra time before it ships.  Right now they are all in classic black.  There is only one place on this entire planet to buy a genuine III rifle, folks.  And you know these are not safe queens - Jim has built every single rifle as a serious Fighting Rifle.

Here's the link for raffle tickets for the Founder's Minuteman-15.

Here's the link to contact Jim and order your III Arms rifle.  There is probably enough time to get it before Christmas if you act fast.  Ask Jim to be certain.

Every single one of you III Patriots who helped build III Arms should be very proud of yourself and your allies.  This is self-sufficiency.  This is what Americans do.



  1. well, I think it's worth a roll of the dice, so to speak......1 out of 125 is very good odds....so, I gots mine! :-)


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