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Friday, December 6, 2013

Polls at right & Comms

Sorry I mis-spelled "helicopter" - that's what I get for working past my bedtime.  I can't fix it, either - once a poll has been answered by the first person, Blogger won't allow any adjustments.

But it is good to know we have the beginnings of a real air capability.  ;)

By the way, I am very proud to see those numbers on the 3 polls at the top.  Entrepreneurs bring jobs with them.  Adding planes and helicopters to the small St. Maries airport brings revenue to the local economy - from mechanics to fuel, et cetera.  Medical professionals bring seriously important skills and infrastructure.  And while you'll simply have to take my word for it, I know those current numbers are low.  ;)

My thanks to everyone who has sent email on the Comms questions I posed the other evening.  Of course I don't want any of your secret-squirrel information.  (My sincerest thanks to those who are/were willing to loop me in).  But I'd rather not have it - anything I don't know, I can't reveal. 

I am going to ask a Comms pro privately about a protocol for myself that will allow me to make contact with groups/individuals who are keeping their heads down in future conflicts.  Once I have it worked out I'll post it.  Obviously this is a piece of the OpSec spectrum that is genuinely filled with potential hazards for FreeFor - OpFor owns this battlespace from what I am learning.  But I know I can develop a protocol that will keep you folks safe, even if it raises my profile to enemy awareness.

More when I have more.


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