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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just a note about Pseudonyms...

...Our Founders and Framers didn't use them.

It reminds me of a quote from Jeff Cooper:

"I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as 'ninja' ... Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view."

Just something to think about...



  1. From the beginning of my involvement at Mercer, I have felt no need to hide who or what I am. My name, who I worked for, and even my SSN have been out there. My phone number, address et.al are out there as well because of the licences I must possess to make my side of this equation happen. Those who hide behind anonymous....I don't have time for them. Anonymous posts are deleted, their IP blocked when possible, and their unavailable calls sent to voice mail and their number blocked. TPTB know who you are, quit hiding and own up to who and what you are. They are going to kill all of us given the chance. Force them to know your name when they do.

  2. Same here, Jim. I always figured that if the feds knew who I was, my readers might as well too. I do allow screen names on my site but I know the vast majority of them by their real names - hell, I exchange Christmas cards with them so I know their addresses too.
    I've always been of the school that if you're ashamed or afraid to back up your mouth, don't say it.

  3. Straight up. I don't even know how to use anything but annon with this site. Call me stupid. lol. But there is absolutely no doubt the evil-doers know exactly who we all are and exactly what we do, nearly every moment of of lives. Fucking scumbag bastards. It most definately hasn't stopped any of us from carrying on anyway. If I were "one " of them- I would be really worried about seeing my grandchildren grow up right about now. It's coming.


  4. Nope, no aliases there. Not "Publius" nor the pen names used in the Antifederalist Papers. And forget that Hamilton published anonymously in response to Loyalist writers who themselves used pen names before the Revolution started.

    You cannot change History to what you want. That's right out of the Comintern playbook. Don't turn into that which you oppose.

    1. Sorry Peter, peddle it elsewhere - there's a type of man who uses an alias, and another who uses his real name. Not one name on the DoI is an alias...

  5. "And forget that Hamilton published anonymously..."

    So which way is that an argument for?

  6. Two sides to this argument.
    Simply put, those who NEED to know my name, already do. Most, along with contact means. The Feds know me, and my unlisted phone number.

    I use a pseudonym online to avoid problems with NON-gov people and agencies. If any of you have been stalked or had your family threatened by online trolls you know what I mean.

    It is not fear that prevents me from posting my name and address, it is simple frugality. I have better things to do with my time and energy than constantly defend against union thugs flattening my tires or college commies picketing my wife's workplace.

    In short don't presume that someone who uses an alias online does the same in person.

    1. True, Sandman. My address is not public information not because I fear for my safety but for my wife's.
      I can thank Mark Firestone for that, threatening to call my chief of police to turn me in 'for the public good', plus I pissed off enough of MVB's disciples talking about him to wonder if one of those crackpots would come to my house when I'm not there and harm my love.

      If anybody has a problem with me, deal with me, not my family. They can get my contact info off my site, all they gotta do is email me and make an appointment. My schedule's open - I'll make sure of it.

  7. Sandman makes a perfectly valid point. I actually must disagree with Col Cooper. I know many regard him as the golden goose when it comes to quotes on guns and resistance, however, anonymity while shedding blood is all about survivability. As long as the justification is made known, why not just attribute your "capers" to FreeFor? The goal is to complete as many "capers" as possible while maintaining maximum survivability. I personally see nothing wrong with wearing a mask in combat. He who fights and wears a mask today, lives to fight another day.

  8. I don't see much of an issue about writing anonymously. I do what's right for me; the next guy for him. I don't get this "hooded in combat" thing. In actual combat, I don't see the purpose; maybe I'm missing something. But in the context we're currently living in, I strongly agree with Cooper's last sentence above. If some guy isn't willing to show his face to me, I gotta figure there's a reason, and I can't come up with any good ones.

  9. Once again my stream of consciousness with insufficient nuance has circled back to bite me in the arse. I won't be changing my writing process, though - so bite when I need to be bit.

    I have ZERO problem with operational pseudonyms. Sandman, for instance, is known to the world by his name, and by his pseudonym. When it comes time to stand tall in his AO and drop all the cloaks, when his neighbors can do no harm to his family and friends, I have no doubt he'll drop the pseudonyms. (Sandman, I do need to ask you about call signs, tho - I need to know when they are tactically prudent - obviously getting on an open HAM and saying "Hey folks, this is Kerodin, let's hook up at Dominos" isn't exactly prudent, and I know you are the guy to ask. ;)

    I have a MAJOR problem with people who flame online anonymously.

    I have allies in Citadel, III Arms and elsewhere who would lose everything they own if their names became known to their employers, families and neighbors - I have ZERO issues there. Keep anonymity.

    If you are a guy who plans covert or clandestine action in WRoL/SHTF time, keeping your name silent is a given because Bad People WIL kill your family to make you stop - one at a time.

    I have MAJOR problems where there is deception where none is really warranted. Each person will have to define his parameters for himself - but here's my logic: 1,000,000 Americans standing tall willing to use their birth name is worth exponentially more than 1,000,000 Americans behind pseudonyms, looking Evil in the face and offering them unobfuscated Fuck You.

    I've probably only made my whole position clear as mud, now...

  10. For Jeff Cooper to believe the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing is to an extent how I believe, except, for when I have my photo taken. I never have felt comfortable, having a picture of my face taken. The old belief of every time a photo is taken, part of your soul leaves your body and ends up on the photo.
    To hide ones face, body, when hunting, stalking surveying is to me part of the job.
    Lots of people always thought I was hiding, because they couldn't find me. They just didn't look. I never have hidden, always giving my name( I am proud of my name)always had a address, phone, vehicle, i-d , government people coming to my door every month just wanting to know if I was still where I was, and they still ask, where were you.
    I covered my face in the photo of the You can't choke this simply because I wasn't going to give the Mrs a chance to get a picture of my face.
    Sometimes you have to cover your looks, but you will never be able to cover your idenity.

  11. the downeast hillbillyDecember 18, 2013 at 6:46 PM

    Face to face, your real name signifies ownership of your ideas and fundamental trust in your associates. On line, it makes a statement, but puts you at unnecessary risk from the venal slime that can pee in your corn flakes. Maybe it's the loss of a job that is just a daily grind, but maybe not. Think what you will, and use your own judgment. I will do the same, and wait until we meet eye to eye.


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